1st CBA-EYP Armenia Inter-University Forum FIND

Inter-University CBA-EYP Armenia forum on “Financial Innovations for National Development” (FIND) took place on April 15-18, 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia. It gathered 60 students from six universities of Armenia to discuss issues on finance, regional development, internal market and consumer protection, legal affairs and economic affairs. The participating universities included Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia, French University in Armenia, Armenian State University of Economics, Russian-Armenian University and Agribusiness Teaching Center. The forum was funded by the Central Bank of Armenia in the scope of “My financial month” project.

1000633_1278296015533098_7278245623157430532_nThe event was held according to EYP practice. The first day the participants had teambuilding activities in the English Park. The president of the forum – including the President Raffi Elliot and the Vice-presidents Rima Sargsyan, Rozalina Monjian and Ashot Khudgaryan, along with the great Chair’s team, developed various games to rally the delegates and create a great team-spirit for future works. All participants enjoyed the teambuilding activities and became even more enthusiastic about the upcoming days.


On the second day – April 16, 2016, the participants of the forum partook in the official Opening Ceremony which was held at the Komitas Museum-Institute. Official guest speakers from the Central Bank of Armenia and from the Executive Board of EYP Armenia welcomed the participants of the forum thus announcing the official start of the forum. Among the guest speakers were Armenuhi Mkrtchyan – the Head of the Department on Customers Rights Protection and Financial Education Center of the Central Bank of Armenia, and the Rector of the French University in Armenia – professeur Jean-Marc Lavest.13087855_1278297495532950_2691535384784383240_n

In the evening the participants of the forum took part in the special Charity Concert. The breathtaking performances of the concert were delivered including Armenian national songs, dances and violin/piano performances. The Concert was a truly remarkable experience.


The third day of the forum continued with Committee works. The Committee Work was held in the American University of Armenia. The delegates had the opportunity to not only work and reflect on the topics of their committees but also had the superb opportunity to receive expert opinions from professionals working in the respective spheres. There were 6 Committees each assigned to a different participating university: ECON I, REGI, JURI, ECON II, IMCO I and IMCO II.




The last day of the forum was dedicated to the General Assembly, which was held at the Double Tree by Hilton complex. Due to the previous days of Committee Work all delegates were well-prepared and ready to defend their resolutions. After vehement debates and a very engaging General Assembly, all universities shined and the team of Agribusiness Teaching Center was recognised as the best within the forum. However, the event gave the opportunity for many delegates to be recognised for their outstanding work and a number of them received rewards and acknowledgements from the Central Bank of Armenia as well as notable guest organisations present at the forum. Several delegates were also rewarded to participate at the International EYP Forum in Armenia (IEFA 2016) and the best delegate became Andranik Manukyan from Armenian State University of Economics, who received the opportunity to participate at RISE 2016, the 82-nd International Session of EYP which will be held in July in the beautiful city of Rennes, France.

The journalists of the forum Tatev Mkrtumyan and Lili Avetyan, and the Editor of the forum Armen Khudgaryan prepared an absorbing journal highlighting the forum, which you can find here:




FIND was a unique forum in its format in EYP Armenia history as it was the first inter-university forum and it was the first cooperation with the Central Bank of Armenia. The forum was organised with very high standards for which we want to give special thanks to our partners at the Central Bank of Armenia, and of course to the Head Organisers of the forum Sue Avetyan and Gregory Torosiants alongside their great organising team for their hard work and enthusiasm. EYP Armenia team is enthralled with the success of the forum. We hope that FIND helped all participants of the forum to FIND great experiences and profound knowledge and a path to further develop their skills.




The pictures are prepared by the Media team of FIND forum.

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