Daily Archives March 3, 2014

Call for participants at the International EYP Forum by European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Armenia

International EYP Forum in Armenia (IEFA) on “Democratic Citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” (“DECODE”) will take place on 1-5th May, 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia. Around 200 delegates, journalists and officials from around 20 countries will come together for this 5-day program that will comprise of Teambuilding, Committee Work, General Assembly, Euro Concert, Euro Village, Intercultural Theater, Carpet Knitting Lessons, Visits to ancient monasteries, etc. (check out the information package).

We are now happy to launch a call for ARMENIAN AND INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES.  The delegates will be allocated to the following 10 committees: Economic and Monetary Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Environment, Food Safety and Public Health, Sec...

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