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EYP Armenia calls on the Turkish Government to cope with the Resolution of the European Parliament on Recognition of the Armenian Genocide


The term Genocide was coined by Polish-Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944, whose family was one of the victims of the Jewish Holocaust. By defining this term, Lemkin sought to describe Nazi politics of systematic murder, violence as well atrocities committed against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. He stated that he did so with the fate of the Armenians in mind, explaining that “it happened so many times … It happened to the Armenians, then after the Armenians Hitler took action”. On December 9, 1948, the United Nations approved the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
The Armenian Genocide as Medz Yeghern (“Great Crime”) was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of its Armenian population in the territory constituting the prese...

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EYP Armenia Alumnus participated in the First Euro African Youth Parliament

The First Euro African Youth Parliament (EAYP) took place in Berlin between March 27th and April 4th with 8 Committees, 64 Delegates, 16 Chairs and 2 Continents.
The event was organized by the Office of the European Youth Parliament and the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) from Accra, Ghana. In this framework the EYP and the YBF put into action the Euro African Youth Parliament as the first event entirely organized together.
EYP Armenia was represented in this forum by Hmayak Baghramyan. He was involved in the committee of Industry, Research and Energy activities.


“The event was very well organized. There were many high representatives from different governing bodies both from and outside Germany. Serious issues were discussed in the scope of the forum...

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75th International EYP Session in Riga