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«Project Human». extraordinary real-life stories of ordinary people

Recently a group of young people have undertaken an exciting initiative- «Project Human».

«Project Human» is a book but not an ordinary one. The group collects extraordinary stories of ordinary people- they interview people from different corners of the world who have a story to tell, in a word Human stories.

We have talked with one of the initiators of  «Project Human», EYP Alumnus Karen Melkomyan.


I decided to find ordinary people with extraordinary real-life stories

It was during my last year in high school. We were speaking about our future with teacher. There were nearly fifteen people in the room and I was thinking that I know them all. After the class, when I heard some stories about them I understood that I know nothing about their life. I felt I needed to know more…

I deci...

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I`MPLOYED – Job Interview Simulation Sessions (JISS)-Call for participants

It is our great pleasure to inform you that EYP Armenia announces June 2014 a month of I`MPLOYED – Job Interview Simulation Sessions (JISS)!
Youth employment is the backbone of economic development. Given the high rate of youth unemployment in Armenia and willing to have its contribution to reducing youth unemployment and boosting the entry of qualified youth into the job market, EYP Armenia comes up with this first-in-its-type initiative.

JISS will not be in a format of a training or a workshop where participants are taught how to write a successful CV or how to present oneself in a job interview, but will rather create a platform to get practical skills through the actual simulation of the job interview procedure, where all the registered participants will undertake job interviews by ...

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Armenia took part at the 2014 First BNC meeting of EYP

737335_10152217553739682_7326689961872000510_oFrom 9th to 11th of May, the Board of National Committees of European Youth Parliament (EYP) held the first of its two 2014 year meetings in Berlin.

38 National Committees represented by more than 60 EYPers have discussed and decided on various topics about the future of EYP.

The meeting was hosted at the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin. Armenia was represented in the meeting by EYP Armenia Board member Areg Kochinyan.

“During BNC meetings we really represent our countries and National Committees. Representatives of each country try to defend their interests. The negotiation process was one of the most interesting parts of the BNC meeting”,- Kochinyan told EYP Armenia’s press office.

He also noted that the meeting was organized well...

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