Daily Archives May 29, 2014

«Project Human». extraordinary real-life stories of ordinary people

Recently a group of young people have undertaken an exciting initiative- «Project Human».

«Project Human» is a book but not an ordinary one. The group collects extraordinary stories of ordinary people- they interview people from different corners of the world who have a story to tell, in a word Human stories.

We have talked with one of the initiators of  «Project Human», EYP Alumnus Karen Melkomyan.


I decided to find ordinary people with extraordinary real-life stories

It was during my last year in high school. We were speaking about our future with teacher. There were nearly fifteen people in the room and I was thinking that I know them all. After the class, when I heard some stories about them I understood that I know nothing about their life. I felt I needed to know more…

I deci...

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