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This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums are admitted to universities abroad

As you know study abroad is a crucial part of a well-rounded  education.

Every year many EYP Armenia Alums get admitted to universities abroad. is happy to introduce the list of EYP Armenia Alums who will start their studies abroad this academic year.

Meyroyan Mariam (IEFA) – UDEL/ Sophia Antipolis/ France

Albert Hayrapetyan (2nd NSC) – CERGE-EI, Carlov university of Prague

Alaverdyan David (2nd NSC, IEFA) – Szent Istvan university, Budapest, Hungary

Avetisyan Hakob (IEFA) – Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Robert Tsaturyan (Women’s Empowerment in Armenia, 2nd NSC) – Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Grigoryan Anna (EYP AmAr) – Edinburgh University, United Kingdom

Karapetyan Hasmik (EYP BuS, IEFA) – University for Foreigners of Perugia, Perugia...

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EYP Armenia Alumnus Sos Avetisyan will study in Oxford university

This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums will continue their education in universities abroad.  talked with Sos Avetisyan, who will study MS in Russian and East European Studies in  Oxford University.

-Sos, congratulations!!! Why did you decide to choose Oxford and what is the main advantage of being accepted to a world known university?

-Thank you! Oxford provides world class training on Eurasian studies, good old traditions, very high standards education, modern facilities. The main advantage of being accepted to a world class university is that it gives the opportunity to gain the most up to date education and also networking.

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-I am afraid I don’t plan in 5 years, so 5 days is more that sufficient (laughing).

sos3– How long have...

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Biggest EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering of summer 2014 took place in Artsakh

Biggest EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering of summer 2014 took place on July 26-28 in the Republic of Artsakh and gathered EYP Alumni from Armenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Austria.

In the scope of the gathering participants visited Natural Wonders of Umbrellas, Stepanakert, Shushi, Rocky Lion, Churches of Gandzasar and Ghazanchetsots, Persian mosque, Jdrduz, Patara waterfalls and many more.

The Gathering was full of jokes and laughter, no sleep, playing guitar, making a bonfire and singing Armenian songs. These were simply unforgettable memories.

10504820_884989834863720_8435567531405183790_oMoreover, the holiday of Vardavar (an Armenian holiday during which people pour each other with water and wish Happy Vardavar) was celebrated at the Patara Waterfalls in the scope of the EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering.


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EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has received Awesome Foundation grant for “Guerrilla Gardening”.

EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has won in the July edition of Awesome Foundation with a project called “Guerrilla Gardening”. represents Raffi’s thoughts about the funded project and EYP Armenia.
  “For years I have noticed how most of Armenia’s public spaces are badly maintained, or even when the municipality finally gets around to fix them, this is undertaken without any real urban planning or anything and ends up looking ugly. I decided that there is no hope in waiting for the government to take care of our public spaces and it’s up to us to do so.
raffi1 I teamed up with a team of landscape architects, and we are planning to find a small public space to renovate ourselves, without permission, in the cover of darkness, so that the citizens could wake up to find t...
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