Daily Archives August 9, 2014

EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has received Awesome Foundation grant for “Guerrilla Gardening”.

EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has won in the July edition of Awesome Foundation with a project called “Guerrilla Gardening”.
Eyparmenia.org represents Raffi’s thoughts about the funded project and EYP Armenia.
  “For years I have noticed how most of Armenia’s public spaces are badly maintained, or even when the municipality finally gets around to fix them, this is undertaken without any real urban planning or anything and ends up looking ugly. I decided that there is no hope in waiting for the government to take care of our public spaces and it’s up to us to do so.
raffi1 I teamed up with a team of landscape architects, and we are planning to find a small public space to renovate ourselves, without permission, in the cover of darkness, so that the citizens could wake up to find t...
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