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EYP Armenia Alumnus Sos Avetisyan will study in Oxford university

This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums will continue their education in universities abroad.

Eyparmenia.org  talked with Sos Avetisyan, who will study MS in Russian and East European Studies in  Oxford University.

-Sos, congratulations!!! Why did you decide to choose Oxford and what is the main advantage of being accepted to a world known university?

-Thank you! Oxford provides world class training on Eurasian studies, good old traditions, very high standards education, modern facilities. The main advantage of being accepted to a world class university is that it gives the opportunity to gain the most up to date education and also networking.

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-I am afraid I don’t plan in 5 years, so 5 days is more that sufficient (laughing).

sos3– How long have...

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