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EYP Armenia member receives presidential award 2014

Every year the president of Armenia awards 20 prizes to the 20 best pupils from the top 5 schools in Armenia.

These pupils are chosen on the basis of their academic performance and an interview to assess general knowledge and personality.

EYP Armenia member Gor Piliposyan was one of the two presidential prize awardees from “Quantum” college. 

A little bit of history

“As the other pupils I was also told to be in Synopsis Armenia where the interview was to be held. A month later after the interview I had a phone call from Quantum and was told that I was one of the winners”,- said Gor in an interview to eyparmenia.org.

I wish the voice of EYP-ers to be heard in the European Parliament

“I believe that EYP Armenia membership will give me an opportunity to express my opinions on different po...

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