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We can make money, but making friendship is more important


Beautiful, enthusiastic, tall and smart Mirheta Omerovic was elected as the best International delegate of IEFA 2015.  The voting for both International and Armenian best delegates took place after the General Assembly on 27th of May, 2015 by the delegates and Jury of IEFA 2015.


The  participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirheta Omerovic who is only 20 years old and prepares for graduating the university, faculty of Economics and Management was recognized as the best international delegate due to her active participation in the overall process of IEFA 2015. Surprisingly, that was her first time in  EYP and she was allocated in the  Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN).

She selected this committee because she lives in a small city in Bosnia, which has a very beautiful castle...

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Armine Khamoyan’s EYP Journey from Delegate to Vice-President

Armine Khamoyan is one of the brightest Alumni of EYP Armenia. She always stands out with her uniqueness and great willingness for taking the initiative. Armine travels a lot in the scope of European Youth Parliament events. Thus, she is not only a devoted member of EYP Armenia, but overall the EYP.


Armine had the honor to be Vice-President of Sevilla 2015 – 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, which took place on 8-12 April, 2015. This was Armine’s first experience in the role of Vice-President and she shared her excitement and thoughts with
  –ArmineIt was not only my first time vice-presiding, it was also my first NSC abroad, and my first time in Spain. So words cannot describe how excited I was...
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Amalya Kamalyan and Arman Asryan- the Best Delegates of the PRESS.

Amalya Kamalyan from the Aragatsotn region and Arman Asryan from Syunik region were recognized as the best regional delegates in the scope of the First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) on“Activating Regional Youth via Challenging Unemployment” (#PRESS), which took place on 17-20th April, 2015 in Dilijan, Armenia. 

ArmanAfter the General Assembly, all the delegates were given the chance to vote for the most enthusiastic and active delegate. So, in the result of the voting Amalya and Arman  won the sympathy of all PRESSers due to their active engagement, as well as smart and thorough responses and opinions during the event.

Amalya Kamalyan and Arman Asryan, as best delegates got a chance to represent Armenia in Spain, Zaragoza on July. World Vision Armenia and EYP Armenia will financial...

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