Daily Archives May 9, 2015

Armine Khamoyan’s EYP Journey from Delegate to Vice-President

Armine Khamoyan is one of the brightest Alumni of EYP Armenia. She always stands out with her uniqueness and great willingness for taking the initiative. Armine travels a lot in the scope of European Youth Parliament events. Thus, she is not only a devoted member of EYP Armenia, but overall the EYP.


Armine had the honor to be Vice-President of Sevilla 2015 – 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, which took place on 8-12 April, 2015. This was Armine’s first experience in the role of Vice-President and she shared her excitement and thoughts with eyparmenia.org.
  –ArmineIt was not only my first time vice-presiding, it was also my first NSC abroad, and my first time in Spain. So words cannot describe how excited I was...
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