Daily Archives May 30, 2015

We can make money, but making friendship is more important


Beautiful, enthusiastic, tall and smart Mirheta Omerovic was elected as the best International delegate of IEFA 2015.  The voting for both International and Armenian best delegates took place after the General Assembly on 27th of May, 2015 by the delegates and Jury of IEFA 2015.


The  participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirheta Omerovic who is only 20 years old and prepares for graduating the university, faculty of Economics and Management was recognized as the best international delegate due to her active participation in the overall process of IEFA 2015. Surprisingly, that was her first time in  EYP and she was allocated in the  Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN).

She selected this committee because she lives in a small city in Bosnia, which has a very beautiful castle...

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