Daily Archives August 5, 2015

The Adventures of Diana Ghazaryan in Tampere 2015

Diana Ghazaryan is one of the brightest and sincere Alumni and Members of EYP Armenia. It is already a year she is involved in the activites implemented by EYP Armenia. She is a sophomore at the American University of Armenia. A few days ago Diana returned back from the 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament held between 24.07.-02.08. in Tampere, Finland. We suggest you to read the entire interview of Diana with eyparmenia.org in order to share her excitement, emotions and enthusiasm for being part of European Youth Parliament.


-Tell about “Tampere 2015”. Was it your first International Session?

-“Tampere 2015” was not only cool, interesting or funny event, but it was a life changing experience, unique memories which will guide us through the whole life...

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