Daily Archives March 10, 2016

International women’s day: EYP Armenia celebrated it in a unique way

On March 8, 2016, members and alumni of EYP Armenia celebrated International Women’s day by riding bikes on the Yerevan streets and giving flowers, greeting cards and, of course, their smiles to the strangers.

It’s already the third year that EYP Armenia celebrates it in this way. Not everyone was able to ride the bike, and this became an opportunity for them to learn it. As some of the members were afraid to do it, they just walked with the others on the streets.


Starting from the Mashtots Avenue, they have been on Republic Square, Northern Avenue, Opera and ended their trip in Cascade.

Laugh, fun, smiles – this is how the EYP Armenia team celebrated an International Women’s Day.


Special thanks to “My Bike” for providing us with bikes.


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