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Pan-Regional EYP Session: PRESS 2016

PRESS 2016 took place from May 6th to May 10 in Gyumri in cooperation with Worldvision Armenia 2nd year in a row. Over 80 delegates, gathered from numerous cities of Armenia, took part in the forum. This forum was unique as it is the first forum where the official language was Armenian. But, as is usual with EYP, the forum had teambuilding activities, committee work, Cultural night (imPRESS) to build sustainable teams for the General Assembly debates.


On the first day, with the help of the teambuilding activities, breaks and the Cultural night, delegates built strong bonds before the more challenging parts of the forum. We would like to say thanks to the hard work the chairpersons put into creating a friendly environment amid the committees...

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BASES: IEFA 2016 International EYP Forum in Armenia

The biggest EYP Armenia event of this summer IEFA 2016  took place from 3rd to 9th of July in the heart of Armenia – Yerevan. It gathered around 200 unique participants from 30 European countries. The forum was organized comprising EYP Methodology: opening ceremony, teambuilding activities, committee work, cultural events and General Assembly. It was organised with the support of the European Youth Parliament in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office within the framework of BASES (Building a Strong European Society) project.

IEFA 2016 started with teambuilding activites  in one of the lovely parks of Yerevan – in Tumo park. It was theTAS_2425
wettest teambuilding in EYP history...

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Moving Beyond the Definition of “Democracy”

Author Erik Ananyan

Hour after hour, people around the globe, turn on their TVs to hear the latest news about the ongoing discussions about the results of the British referendum on leaving the European Union (EU), or shortly said – Brexit. The overall 71.8% voter turnout in the referendum makes clear the historical importance of the event for the residents of the United Kingdom. The option of leaving the Union won by 52% to 48%. After the announcements from the leaders of the European Parliament and European Commission about their desire of Britain leaving the EU as soon, as possible, the situation becomes even more tensed. It is safe to say that the results of the referendum have turned into a big hit towards the European Union, which has managed to lose the 5th biggest economy in the w...

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