Daily Archives July 19, 2016

Pan-Regional EYP Session: PRESS 2016

PRESS 2016 took place from May 6th to May 10 in Gyumri in cooperation with Worldvision Armenia 2nd year in a row. Over 80 delegates, gathered from numerous cities of Armenia, took part in the forum. This forum was unique as it is the first forum where the official language was Armenian. But, as is usual with EYP, the forum had teambuilding activities, committee work, Cultural night (imPRESS) to build sustainable teams for the General Assembly debates.


On the first day, with the help of the teambuilding activities, breaks and the Cultural night, delegates built strong bonds before the more challenging parts of the forum. We would like to say thanks to the hard work the chairpersons put into creating a friendly environment amid the committees...

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