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Happy September 1

August has just ended which means that it’s already September and classes have just begun. For some students its going to be an ordinary university year but for Freshmen this September will be different from others, because they will start a new chapter in their life – full of endless fun, big emotions and hard studies.

Lots of EYP Armenia Alumni have started their freshman year this September as well. Some of them choose to study in Armenian universities while other prefer to continue their studies in foreign universities. We talked with our Alumni and found out that they mainly chose the American University of Armenia, French University in Armenia, Yerevan State University and Yerevan Brusov State University...

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Armenian Delegation in RISE 2016 – 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament

What?  RISE 2016 – 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament

When? 14th to 23rd July, 2016

Where? Rennes, France

Armenian delegation to RISE 2016 consisted of six participants who took part in one of the biggest EYP events of the year: 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament. The session gathered nearly 300 participants from 39 European countries and was unique in its format – for the first time in EYP history the International Session had three official languages: English, German and French. Armenian delegation comprising six delegates – Tatev Soghoyan, Vardges Shahmenendyan, Andranik Manukyan, David Eloyan and Sergey Kumelov, and one chairperson – Armine Khamoyan, returned with huge enthusiasm and great memories from the event...

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Integration vs. Inclusion

“United in diversity” is the official motto of European Union. Diversity reflected in the identities of the Member States (which were contributed by migrants from around the globe), makes the basis for the EU. In the era of globalization, the European society is inevitably enriched by the increase in migration processes. They affect European demographics, languages and cultural practices, and Europeans will continually need to adjust to these changes. Unfortunately, some minorities in the EU are facing discrimination, racism and xenophobia.

Integration is considered as a solution to this problem, while another viewpoint implies the best resolution to be inclusion and participation that have several noteworthy differences...

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