Daily Archives September 11, 2016

An Armenian Speaking Portuguese or The Adventures of Tatev Mkrtumyan in Braga 2016

Missing the train from Porto to Braga, getting off at a wrong station, being suggested to take photos by a handsome blond guy, posing for the photos no matter how, Love-ing, Peace-ing and Positive-ing all Braga long, shouting into the microphone during the Final Speech, dancing salsa and bachata in the streets of Braga and getting some hot master-class from native Colombians…

Trying to sum up Tatev’s story to the beautiful land of Portugal, I suggest you going through her adventures with us, as positive vibes will get straight into your heart once reaching the end of the article.

Tatev Mkrtumyan
, a passionate PR maven that AUA has never seen before, an experienced EYP-er who has been to 8 different sessions and is still exploring, a PR Responsible for IEFA 2016 that took the Forum to ...

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