Amalya Kamalyan was a Delegate in HIBER 2015

Amalya Kamalyan studied Political Science at Yerevan State Linguistic University. Her very first steps into EYP Armenia started with IEFA 2014- International EYP Forum in Armenia. Afterwards, she was accepted as a delegate for the First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) where she appeared to become one of the best delegates due to her active engagement and outstanding performance throughout the session. Her success to become a best delegate in PRESS was converted into a new opportunity to become part of the Armenian Delegation in the 4th International Forum of EYP Spain in Zaragoza (HIBER 2015). interviewed Amalya to share her experience and memories during HIBER 2015.

11874132_876579945728591_200263887_nAmalya, tell about your experience in HIBER 2015?  How was it to be a delegate in the International Forum? What challenges did you face?

-HIBER 2015 was not just a forum it was a whole journey. It’s always exciting to take a road: the mere thought of discoveries, new impression and adventures drives your adrenaline level higher. But it’s becoming twice as exciting when you take it with incredible people. Under the Spanish Sun with much enthusiasm we were discovering Hiber and creating it at the same time… Getting to know each other, having fun, exchanging ideas, expressing ourselves, being eloquent or listening, analyzing, reflecting… Meanwhile, all was getting hotter and hotter: the weather, the ‘bailes’, the debates… Only a week but it seemed much longer for it was so full of events. You know sometimes it seems you live in some other time and space dimension out of the actual time and space. That was the case with Hiber… Challenges? Yes, naturally, there were also some challenges. But challenges are always a good experience and it’s up to you to make the utmost of them. It’s up to you to make the utmost of the whole event. For me Hiber 2015 was a journey full of sun, fun, ideas, eloquence and silence and so many interesting people each one unique in their own way.

11901457_876579975728588_4985366_oWhat made HIBER 2015 so special and impressive?

-There was so much fun and so many good memories from Hiber: from selfieped to relief bringer little green apples, English /me/-Spanish /him/ conversation with a stranger about Armenia; my odysseys with non-English speaker taxi-drivers /since then to learn Spanish is on my agenda/, the Hiberus night itself, the absolutely amazing theme party and many others. The way the Armenian delegation was being led to the toilet… 🙂 That was really awkward. The teambuilding was taking place in a nice park of Zaragoza, however there was no toilets in the park. Yet the existing toilet was a bit far from our location and the organizers had to ask to form a group of 6 people so they could lead us to the toilet. And we were like searching for people who needed to go to the toilet. Actually we managed to find those 6 people. But what was even more awkward, was my appearance. My entire face was covered with various colors and figures (the purpose was to make a committee flag) and I was walking through the streets of Zaragoza and everyone was looking at me with an amazement and maybe a bit frightened. These just  can’t be described. They had just to be experienced.

11880475_876579962395256_648725048_nWhat is your EYP journey about? What are your future plans within EYP?

For me all this EYP thing started with IEFA 2014.  Then there were PRESS 2015, HIBER 2015. And though the role of a delegate is my favorite one it’s time for me to continue my EYP journey trying also other roles, say, being a part of officials’ team or organizing team.

What is EYP to you?

People, enthusiastic people. As I see it, enthusiasm is the creative force of EYP.

Has EYP Armenia changed something in your life or way of thinking? 

After the GA during the closing ceremony there comes a moment of the fantastic feeling of living a dream together. This is among the moments that I don’t try to analyze, don’t ask the ‘why questions’, don’t try to understand the driving forces behind the moment and its effects /otherwise, given the nature of my profession, I would try to understand, for instance, how it works in politics. I just take it as it is and enjoy it. Life is brighter and better with these kinds of moments.



Random Questions for Amalya 🙂

1. Describe EYP Armenia in one quote.

-‘Things are only impossible until they are not’ /Jean-Luc Picard/

2. In a role of which animal you see yourself in EYP Armenia.Why?

-Horse. Horse is my favourite animal.  Horse is an embodiment of freedom, irrepressible spirit but also horse is a team player .

3. In what colors you see EYP Armenia?

-It’s rather a palette:playing with colors, creating the picture desired.

4. How would you open the word EYP, except European Youth Parliament  

-The classical ‘Enthusiastic Young People’ .

5. Could you write a very short funny poem or sentence about EYP Armenia.

-‘‘You think it can’t be any cooler? Think twice!’’New Edition. EYP Armenia©Coming soon! 🙂

Amalya Kamalyan was interviewed by Inessa Manukyan


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