Armenia Through the Eyes of Foreigners

During the 2nd International EYP Forum of Armenia, which took place on May 21st -28th, almost 250 delegates from 52 countries of 5 continents gathered in Armenia, Yerevan. For the majority of the international delegates it was their first time in Armenia. Surprisingly, they already had discovered much not only about Armenia but also Armenians. Besides staying in the capital city, some of them visited other picturesque places outside of Yerevan. interviewed some of those bright individuals who shared with us their impressions and feelings.


“It’s my first time in Armenia and I like it. For one I like the architecture it’s very-very nice. It’s mix of the modern and old, I really loved it. I also loved music fountain in Republic Square. Armenian people are very friendly especially the workers of supermarkets always want to help you.”

-Dennis McCall (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

Wanchalerm Srisurayothin

“There is cute weather, I like Cascade. I went to Republic Square and I saw fountain and it’s really cool. Then I asked a girl «Do you have this every day?» and a girl answered « Yes». It’s a pity we haven’t that every day in Thailand.Actually, it’s my first time here. I have been only in Europe, Western Asia and it’s really exciting to see this city.I loved Armenian people. Especially when I’m asking them to show me the right direction they always say` just walk with me.

If I had a chance I would visit Armenia again.”

-Wanchalerm Srisurayothin (Thailand)

Iqbal“I absolutely like my discovery through EYP Armenia. And it is my first time I am participating in EYP forums.

 Armenian people are friendly, kind and beautiful, especially girls. :)”

-Iqbal Dwiputra (Indonesia)


“Within European Youth Parliament Armenia and IEFA 2015 I obtain new information, I get a lot of knowledge and critical analysis.

Yerevan is an amazing city. It’s my first time here. I visited a lot of places, I visited Central Bazaar, Garni and Geghard and also the Republic Square and found a lot of new and beautiful places.”

-Madiyar Tyurin (Kazakhstan)

Erik Chua

“It’s my first time in Armenia, I thought it’s the border of Turkey and Iran so it would be kind of dangerous but I was actually surprised. I feel safe here.  The city is beautiful, people are very kind and the weather is good. I love in Armenian people that all of them speak English and help us and it’s great. Also here in the forum everyone knows what he/she  is doing and I find it awesome.”

-Eric Chua (Philippines)

 Edited by Inessa Manukyan

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