Armenian Delegation has returned from Dublin Belfast International Session of EYP

Very recently, Armenian delegation comprising Iren Stepanyan, Rozi Mkrtchyan, Edward Poghosyan, Erik Ananyan, Naneh Mouradian and Stepahine Gevorgyan participated in  81-st International Session of the EYP in Dublin Belfast. Some of the delagates were chosen as the best delegates during Dilijan Academic EYP Forum “DAEF”. Armenian Delegation has returned from there with great memories and big enthusiasm. The forum was held from 5th to 13th March and gathered nearly 300 participants from different European countries.

While remembering about the forum, they told about lots of funny and weird things that happened with them during the event.IMG_1289

Below you can read an interview with some of the delegates.

Starting from the very begining, how did you go there? Did something interesting happen with you during that long flights?

12803199_482530958600118_4098623094796201778_nOur tickets for the last flight (Amsterdam- Belfast) were messed up, so we were all sitting in random spots and just yelling to each other in Armenian because no one could understand us. The worst part was that they took away the meat we had brought from Armenia for Eurovillage at the Belfast Airport, so everyone had to eat plain lavash.

Rozi M.




During the flight to Moscow from Yerevan we discovered one more time how funny the Russians’ accent can be. One of the stewardesses approached the three Chinese guys who were sitting behind us and asked “ти coffee”. At first we thought that ти is something Chinese and then understood that it is just TEA with Russian pronunciation.

Edward P.

How was the session for you (your committees, topics, other delegates)?

I was a member of ENVI whose topic was “transition to circular economy”. I believe that our committee was the best one. During the GA each committee represented their resolutions after which there were at least 4 other committees that wanted to come up with an attack speech. When we represented our resolution the board asked who had an attack speech and there was no committee that had an attack speech.

Edward P.

The session was really great and challenging in terms of topics, discussions and the overall academic work. 12885846_1319487808066980_8736116089711251152_oPersonally, I was very glad I got into the committee on Culture and Education, and I really felt that I could contribute to the committee work very effectively. I liked the diversity of delegates both inside each committee and at the session in general. Topics chosen for this session were quite controversial and urgent, which made the discussions and debates even more thrilling. I liked how other delegates were defending their resolutions and I especially liked the use of direct responses, when other delegates were helping out the proposing committee.

Overall, the atmosphere of the session was very friendly, incredibly fun and vibrant. I enjoyed the cultural events, such as Ceili night, although I was dying of sickness. Euroconcert was amazing! I heard so many talented people in such a fantastic venue!

Iren S.

IMG_1999Our committee was amazing, the best one I have ever been in. I loved my whole committee so much, and even now we talk and skype everyday. There were 2 girls in my committee from Turkey and Azerbaijan, but they were so cool, there was no tension between us, we compared our culture and traditions and found many similarities, we stayed in the same room in Dublin too.

Rozi M.


Was this event life changing event for you? Please, specify why yes or why no.

Yes, this was a life changing event for me for two reasons. Firstly, it changed me and the way I think. This experience taught me to be more accepting, to think outside the box. Secondly, I broke my phone in Dublin, and that also changed my life a lot.

Rozi M.

10012289_1312030452146049_7817968145002726155_oThe session itself was lifechanging for me, since I discovered whole new cultures and whole new surroundings in Belfast and Dublin. Encounter with so many interesting people at once was fascinating, and the very process of getting to Belfast from Yerevan and then coming back was an incredible experience which, I am sure, will be of great help in my future travels.

Iren S.

This event was not a life changing one for me. I was qualified to participate in this IS through DAEF. DAEF was a life changing event for me. This one was too big session as there were 300 participants. The schedule was so tight that we could communicate just with our committee members. Whereas, one of the most important factors of EYP is networking built during the session. However, we could not build that networking as much as we did during DAEF.

Edward P.


What is EYP Armenia for you? How did you start and how do you see your future engagement with it?

My EYP history is really new as my first experience was DAEF. Back in the fall I did not know what to expect but 12783627_1306878172661277_7219637182866578429_othen I realized that EYP Armenia is a big family that I want to be part of. This is a place where I can express my ideas freely and see what my peers think about the same issues. EYP Armenia is a place where I am not afraid of being wrong as everyone standing next to me are there to guide me and help me. For sure I am going to continue my journey with EYP by contributing more then just being a delegate. I am eager to get a chance to organize and chair sessions that would be life changing for others as DAEF was for me.

Edward P.

EYP Armenia for me is a mystery I still have to explore and dig deep into. I started as a delegate on Dilijan Academic EYP Forum, and I hope that I will have more opportunities to experience the true EYP Armenia spirit.

Iren S.

Most of my fondest memories and the stories I am planning on telling my grandchildren were made thanks to EYP Armenia. EYP Armenia is like an escape route from the real world for me. These forums make me forget about all my problems and live in an alternative universe for a few days. EYP Armenia gives me opportunities any other teen would dream of getting. It makes me proud to be given the chance to represent my country in other places, and to demolish any historical stereotypes that are implemented in other countries. EYP Armenia helps me meet new people, and allows me to take my future into my hands, to form it any way I want. I see my future in the board of EYP Armenia, because I would like to repay it for everything it had done for me, and to be able to help this organization continue giving teens these life changing opportunities.

Rozi M.


 While remembering about some funny stories that happened with them during the forum, both Iren and Edward shared the same story, which they think was an awkward one. They were playing a game Vampire during the session. All delegates got the name of a person whom they should bite. “Iren, got a person who was in our committee. So she asked me to show her who that girl was”: said Edward: “ In the museum of Titanic I was speaking to the head of Ukrainian delegation who was apologizing for behaving herself improperly. During that conversation Iren approached me and asked if it was she. I thought that she asked me whether it was the girl who behaved herself badly and I said yes. The way to bite your victim in the game was to kiss the hand of that person. So Iren took her hand and kissed. That was really funny and awkward situation.”


Pictures are from the delegate’s personal gallery.

Interviewed and posted by Diana Ghazaryan.

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