Armenian Delegation in RISE 2016 – 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament

What?  RISE 2016 – 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament

When? 14th to 23rd July, 2016

Where? Rennes, France

Armenian delegation to RISE 2016 consisted of six participants who took part in one of the biggest EYP events of the year: 82nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament. The session gathered nearly 300 participants from 39 European countries and was unique in its format – for the first time in EYP history the International Session had three official languages: English, German and French. Armenian delegation comprising six delegates – Tatev Soghoyan, Vardges Shahmenendyan, Andranik Manukyan, David Eloyan and Sergey Kumelov, and one chairperson – Armine Khamoyan, returned with huge enthusiasm and great memories from the event. Below you can read the interview with some of the participants.



1.Overall, how was the session (delegates, committees, venues, etc.) ?13934938_1754609444779613_3057159738966007442_n

An exceptional session with an emphasis on diversity. It was a unique experience, very different from my previous sessions. The session concept with translators working in three languages was one of the best things I’d yet seen in EYP. Delegates from different backgrounds gathered together under the theme of diversity to tackle some of the most important issues that the EU faces today. It could be easily seen how responsible everyone felt for the future after the horrific incidents that happened in Europe during the session.

Vardges Sh.

On the whole the session was very impressive because of new multi-lingual format. Such different, smart and cheerful people gathered in one place! I’ve never met so much diversity! Delegates in my committee (LIBE I) were respectful, creative and united. Our Chairperson (Anna-Helena Saarso) was one of the best! She combined everything perfectly.

Tatev S.

The session was amazing. Delegates were extremely diverse, which contributed to the success of the session. Disribution of delegates in committees made every one of them equal and the work very exciting.

David E.

2.Was this your first session abroad?  (If yes, how is it different from the sessions organised in Armenia, and if no, how is it different from other sessions?)

This was my first EYP experience out of my country and it was awesome. I did have some expectations, which were fullfilled completely. It was really different from forums in Armenia, especially because of more diverse delegations, changing locations, and the size of the event.

David E.

If was different from my previous sessions abroad in many ways. While most of my previous sessions gave me a chance to meet people who share similar values, RISE was a session of reunions with people who I’d met during different EYP events.

Vardges Sh.

IMG_6509Yes, this was my first session abroad and I’ve noticed a lot of differences. The Opening and Closing ceremony speeches were much longer at the session. Then, before the GA we had one day for preparation, which helped us very much (and I guess officials as well). We had the resolution booklet on time and had enough time to prepare attack speeches. There was casting for Euroconcert, which, of course, improved the quality of the concert, though made it very short. And at last, using GA statistics saved much time.

Tatevik S.

3. What did this event give you and how will it help you in the future?

It was really great experience for my whole life! Starting from traveling alone to doing research on encryption, Internet privacy, etc., I felt how intensely I learn something new every single minute. But the greatest thing RISE gave was the decision to start learning a new language.

Tatevik S.

It gave me a solid knowledge about the diversity that exists in Europe. I got a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity. Also, it was a session of many discoveries and personal growth. Events that happened in different parts of Europe during the session increased my sense of responsibility for both myself and for the future of Europe.

Vardges Sh.


This event was very insightful for me. It provided me with opportunity to get acquainted with interesting people from all over the globe, get to know their culture, taste their food, enjoy their folk music and even learn some words and sentences in other languages. I have never been to an international event of such kind and all I can say: it was incredible.

David E.


4. Did anything funny happen with you during the session, or are there some stories that you think are worthy to share with us?

All of the session participants had headphones for listening to the translators. Sometimes during breaks the translators were playing music and you could see everyone dancing around you. The music was being heard only through headphones and because of that to someone who didn’t have a headphone it would seem rather weird. “Silent disco” – that’s how we called our GA breaks.

Vardges Sh.


5.What are the first three words that you remember while saying RISE 2016 and why?

IMG_6510Baguette – the inside joke started from the very first day. After a long journey, when everyone was tired and hungry, there was a little delay of food and someone started shouting ”Baguette! Baguette!” and clapping like football fans, and everyone joined him. It lasted till the very end of the session.

Diversity – this was the core idea of the session and was completely represented trough 3 working languages, team-building games and other activities that were based on this idea.

Encryption – the main topic of our committee, about which I had no idea before. Even after reading some articles and watching videos, I didn’t understand what was that and needed a programmer friend to explain. But now I’ve grown to think that everyone should have encrypted his personal data.

Tatevik S.

Diversity – session theme.

Beach – two days of teambuilding by the sunny seaside of Saint Malo.

Reunion – met some of my best EYP friends and created the best memories together.

Vardges Sh.

Parties, sleepless nights, multiculturalism

David E.

Pictures are the property of participants.

Interviewed and posted by Diana Ghazaryan.






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