Armine Khamoyan’s EYP Journey from Delegate to Vice-President


Armine Khamoyan is one of the brightest Alumni of EYP Armenia. She always stands out with her uniqueness and great willingness for taking the initiative. Armine travels a lot in the scope of European Youth Parliament events. Thus, she is not only a devoted member of EYP Armenia, but overall the EYP.


Armine had the honor to be Vice-President of Sevilla 2015 – 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, which took place on 8-12 April, 2015. This was Armine’s first experience in the role of Vice-President and she shared her excitement and thoughts with
  –ArmineIt was not only my first time vice-presiding, it was also my first NSC abroad, and my first time in Spain. So words cannot describe how excited I was. That excitement never faded away, up until today to be honest.
-Being a Vice President certainly made me feel very responsible, and prior to the conference I was also feeling a little anxious about the role. However, having met the amazing team with whom I had the pleasure and the absolute honor of working, all the anxiousness got wiped away. I absolutely want to thank them all for being as amazing as they are, and I want to especially thank the President of Sevilla 2015 – Albert Reverendo Mascort, for the incredible opportunity and for his unconditional support.
-EYP Spain calls themselves “La Familia” and for a very good reason, they are like a big and welcoming family that I was very happy to be a part of. La Familia, you’ll have a huge chunk of my heart forever!Armine5
-The most interesting part about being a VP is that in a way you’re the Chair of the Chairs’ team, and the way delegates rely on you as a Chair, the Chairs rely on you as a VP.
It was a very pleasant experience. The only challenging part is to manage to distribute your attention to both your roles as a Chair and as a Vice-President.
Armine1Armine, we can see that you’re travelling a lot in the scope of EYP events. What is the thing that makes EYP unique for you? Tell your overall EYP experience.
-Yes, I’m a big fan of EYP! I’m going to sound very cliché, but EYPers are what make EYP unique for me. Every single EYP event I’ve attended has been an experience of a lifetime, something I’ll carry with me forever and something I’ll be smiling over endlessly. And it is all due to the people that made these memories happen – the talented, the intelligent, the funny and the most exceptional people.
What really funny things happened to you in Spain that make your journey unforgettable?
-So many countless things!
 The time we went “dress shopping” with the President and the other Vice-president for the Emoji Party night, where all three of us were dressed as Spanish dancers.
The time I became the most fancy marathon runner, because we were late for the bus, so I was running with my 5kg backpack in one hand and my heels in the other, while dressed formally since it was GA day.
-The most memorable one would have to be the time we laughed for what seemed like 40 minutes straight. If you’ve met me in real life, you must know I have a very particular laugh. Now, I don’t remember exactly what happened, and honestly no one does, but something made me laugh, which triggered a chain of laughter that didn’t stop until half of the people were crying from laughter and the other half were rolling on the floor.
Furthermore, Armine was the Vice President of the  First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) on“Activating Regional Youth via Challenging Unemployment” (#PRESS), which took place on 17-20th April, 2015 in Dilijan, Armenia.   Armine 
She will be Vice-President of the 2nd International EYP Forum in Armenia, taking place on 21-28 May, 2015 in Yerevan 
To conclude,  Are you planning in the future to be a president of EYP forum?
-That’s a great big dream of mine. 
                                                                                    Armine Khamoyan was interviewed by Inessa Manukyan

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