Carahunge folk-rock band. “Old songs must not be forgotten”.

Carahunge is folk-rock project founded in December of 2012. The mission of the project is to revive some pieces of folk- song masterpieces covered with dust of the history and perform them in new mode.  

We have talked with group vocalist Sirun Shekoyan, who is an EYP Alumnus.

Sirun Shekoyan2 photo by Edgar BarseghyanMain idea is to revive old, maybe forgotten songs and music.

We are representing old songs and music which has some mysticism in them. Carahunge or Stonehenge is also considered to be a place still covered with not fully discovered information or hiding some mystery in it. And the name was offered by Tigran’s friend who had heard us.

We liked that name and took it with pleasure. The main idea is to revive old, maybe forgotten songs and music.

To our mind we shall be deprived of something important if we just ignore whatever we have or have had.

The bond between us and old times should always be.

The bond between us and old times should always be, it can be somehow different but not lost. We like whatever we do and also the need of it is vivid. I cannot agree that demand gives birth to offer. Simply have an idea, new offer, diligently work on it and see whether the demand will not come… Finally when you do something with pleasure and even pass some good emotions and positive charges to people there may not be any other suspects…  

The formation of the band was unexpected.


Once I met Tigran who was organizing guitar evenings and we sang an Armenian song together after which he confessed that my voice was really suitable for such folk songs. Thus we decided to meet and just to try something. Then he also found Anna who is playing “blul” or Armenian flute. Later Harut joined us with his percussion and for the start we had a smallish concert in the Bell pub on December. 2012.

sirun4The members of the band are.

  • Tigran Kuchatyan – guitar, vocalist (by the way he is an economist by profession),
  • Anna Hovhannisyan – blul or other kinds of flutes (She is expert in our group having studied in the State Conservatory after Komitas),
  • Harut Panosyan – percussion (maybe future conductor of an orchestra but now he is pleased with working with us),
  • And me (Sirun Shekoyan) – vocalist (linguist, philologist). Still 4 of us, but we have future plans to enlarge our project…

OUR NATIONAL MUSIC became my inspiration, especially after dancing.

Well… My inspiration is based on maybe looking at life in another way in recent years… I have had desire to study our national dances till now. Perhaps OUR NATIONAL MUSIC became my inspiration, especially after dancing…                                               

sirun3Usually we do some performances in pubs.

Usually we do some performances in pubs – Music factory, Calumet, mostly 80’s. Official concert was held in Narekatsi Art Institute on June, 2013. We have also had collaborations with International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue NGO (ICIRLD), which organizes international programs, and invited us for the evenings dedicated to Armenia.

I would like our work to be loved by people.

About future plans. We have an arrangement to make a charitable concert soon – hopefully in June, but the date is not fixed yet…I would like our work to be loved by people… We would also like to do more than we do, as we have lots of plans and desires to realize and the time is really short for us…

 sirun6EYP is really a stage for every young person

I would like to wish my fellow EYP Armenia Alumni and EYPers around Europe the following- be interested in everything around you, not stand in your place and wait for something fall in your hands, be as much active as possible and express your ideas freely. EYP is really a stage for every young person, no matter what profession you have, to discuss both universal and local problems.

I am sure we shall have a good society and world when we start thinking about the world, the country and the people surrounding us. Also wish you to be more confident and aware of the problems, issues you are going to talk about. Don’t forget to have a good time together and make friends… Although whom I am saying this, sure you do… ))

Sirun Shekoyan was interviewed by Narine Daneghyan

Photos by Edgar Barseghyan and Carahunge band FB page.


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