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Armenian Delegation has returned from Dublin Belfast International Session of EYP

Very recently, Armenian delegation comprising Iren Stepanyan, Rozi Mkrtchyan, Edward Poghosyan, Erik Ananyan, Naneh Mouradian and Stepahine Gevorgyan participated in  81-st International Session of the EYP in Dublin Belfast. Some of the delagates were chosen as the best delegates during Dilijan Academic EYP Forum “DAEF”. Armenian Delegation has returned from there with great memories and big enthusiasm. The forum was held from 5th to 13th March and gathered nearly 300 participants from different European countries.

While remembering about the forum, they told about lots of funny and weird things that happened with them during the event.IMG_1289

Below you can read an interview with some of the delegates.

Starting from the very begining, how did you go there? Did something interesting happen wit...

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AYSOR International Forum of EYP Armenia

International EYP Forum on “Activate Youth for sustainability: obtaining & rebuilding” (AYSOR) took place November 19 – 25 in Yerevan and gathered 150 participants from around 30 countries of Europe. The Forum lasted 7 days and comprised of Teambuilding, Committee Work, Cultural Dinner, Euro Village, Euro Concert, Trip to Zvartnots Cathedral, General Assembly. The Forum was organized in the scope of the BASES project (Building a Strong European Society) funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.


The Opening Ceremony of AYSOR 2015 took place on 21st of November at the Komitas Museum-Institute. It was attended by Dr. Martin Galstyan- Head of Research Center of Central Bank in Dilijan, H.E. Ambassador Mr...

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“Democratic citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” or DECODE

The first regional school project called “DECODE” started in 2015. The project “Democratic citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” (DECODE) aims at strengthening the civil society by empowering youth in the regions to advocate democratic citizenship in Armenia. This project was funded through a Department of State Public Affairs Section grant.

12091370_1147630505266317_6418741550174042847_o“DECODE” was designed to be implemented in 4 regions of Armenia – Shirak, Lori, Syunik and Armavir. In each region 14 students were selected from High schools (4 High Schools per region), and the selected students passed through a 3-week preparatory phase of team-building and researches in order to get ready for the debates.

The 1st phase of the “DECODE” project was the ToT for teachers aimed at equipping the teachers with the necessary...

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Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (#DAEF2015) is Now a Reality

Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (DAEF) on «The Eastern Partnership and EU: on the way to a deeper integration» (DAEF) , under the motto «Initiate. Debate. Empower. Advocate. Leverage» (I.D.E.A.L.) Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (#DAEF) was a forum by the European Youth Parliament – Armenia (#EYPArmenia) taking place October 8 – 14 in the beautiful city of Dilijan. 120 participants from 20 countries of Europe got together in this small, yet historically rich city to discuss the respective topic of EU-Armenia further integration in 6 committees of Foreign Affairs, Legal Affairs, Economic & Monetary Affairs, Civil Liberties, Environment & Public Health. Resolutions Booklet can be found here: Resolution-booklet_DAEF

12132440_1153055721390462_8092644339431418784_oThe Academic Forum was organized with the support of German Federal Foreign Offic...

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Amalya Kamalyan was a Delegate in HIBER 2015

Amalya Kamalyan studied Political Science at Yerevan State Linguistic University. Her very first steps into EYP Armenia started with IEFA 2014- International EYP Forum in Armenia. Afterwards, she was accepted as a delegate for the First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) where she appeared to become one of the best delegates due to her active engagement and outstanding performance throughout the session. Her success to become a best delegate in PRESS was converted into a new opportunity to become part of the Armenian Delegation in the 4th International Forum of EYP Spain in Zaragoza (HIBER 2015). interviewed Amalya to share her experience and memories during HIBER 2015.

11874132_876579945728591_200263887_nAmalya, tell about your experience in HIBER 2015?  How was it to be a delegate in the International Forum? ...

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The Adventures of Diana Ghazaryan in Tampere 2015

Diana Ghazaryan is one of the brightest and sincere Alumni and Members of EYP Armenia. It is already a year she is involved in the activites implemented by EYP Armenia. She is a sophomore at the American University of Armenia. A few days ago Diana returned back from the 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament held between 24.07.-02.08. in Tampere, Finland. We suggest you to read the entire interview of Diana with in order to share her excitement, emotions and enthusiasm for being part of European Youth Parliament.


-Tell about “Tampere 2015”. Was it your first International Session?

-“Tampere 2015” was not only cool, interesting or funny event, but it was a life changing experience, unique memories which will guide us through the whole life...

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First Summer School Session of EYP Armenia (ESS)

1st Summer School Session of European Youth Parliament – Armenia on “Improvement: Spreading Changes” (ESS) took place on 20-24th, July 2015. 60 delegates from 5 schools of Yerevan gathered together to brainstorm, discuss diverse topics in their respective committees, challenge each other and themselves, get to know various perspectives and see matters a bit differently. The delegates were from the Physical-Mathematical SchoolNPUA high schoolAnania Shirakatsi Lyceum, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and Ayb High School
11811315_1104495962913105_3319798878783708475_nAwesome and creative enthusiasts from different schools of Yerevan debated on daring and urgent topics of the 1st ever School Session...
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Armenia Through the Eyes of Foreigners

During the 2nd International EYP Forum of Armenia, which took place on May 21st -28th, almost 250 delegates from 52 countries of 5 continents gathered in Armenia, Yerevan. For the majority of the international delegates it was their first time in Armenia. Surprisingly, they already had discovered much not only about Armenia but also Armenians. Besides staying in the capital city, some of them visited other picturesque places outside of Yerevan. interviewed some of those bright individuals who shared with us their impressions and feelings.


“It’s my first time in Armenia and I like it. For one I like the architecture it’s very-very nice. It’s mix of the modern and old, I really loved it. I also loved music fountain in Republic Square...

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IEFA 2015: 2nd International EYP Forum of Armenia

“Seven unforgettable days are now behind with the memories that will last forever and will put a big smile on your faces every time you recall those. Now you have entered EYP Family, a place where you will always be appreciated for who and what you are. Welcome to our amazing family and let your unforgettable journey begin.”

-Hovsep Patvakanyan

On May 21st -28th, almost 250 delegates from 52 countries of 5 conitinents gathered in one of the most beautiful and ancient  cities of the world- Yerevan for 2nd International EYP Forum (IEFA 2015).The seven-day program was comprised of Teambuilding Activites, Committee Work, General Assembly, Eurovillage, Euroconcert...

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We can make money, but making friendship is more important


Beautiful, enthusiastic, tall and smart Mirheta Omerovic was elected as the best International delegate of IEFA 2015.  The voting for both International and Armenian best delegates took place after the General Assembly on 27th of May, 2015 by the delegates and Jury of IEFA 2015.


The  participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirheta Omerovic who is only 20 years old and prepares for graduating the university, faculty of Economics and Management was recognized as the best international delegate due to her active participation in the overall process of IEFA 2015. Surprisingly, that was her first time in  EYP and she was allocated in the  Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN).

She selected this committee because she lives in a small city in Bosnia, which has a very beautiful castle...

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