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ESS 2016

ESS 2016, a school session on “Spreading the Culture of Parliamentarianism”, took place from April 29th to May 1st in Yerevan, Armenia. The forum gathered around 110 promising high-schoolers from 7 school of Yerevan in one place to brainstorm, discuss and find solutions for various topics.  The format of this session was a bit different from others, as the committee work happened 6 weeks before the session, right at the delegates’ schools.13151420_1284378418258191_3953122046277714282_n

On the first day, the delegates participated in team building activities at English Park and they all enjoyed the various games provided by their chairpersons.  The chairs had organized separate games for their committees, which helped to get to know each other better. The evening of the first day was a show booming with talents. The night was filled with music and poems. Many delegates sang, danced, and played different instruments.

13239066_1291995167496516_5545246996668697395_nThe second day of the forum was off to a great start with the opening ceremony much akin to many EYP events. The ceremony was full of the speeches provided by the Executive Directore of EYP Armenia Armine Khamoyan, Founder and Governing Board member Syuzanna Shamakhyan, Vice-President on External Relations Arman Gasparyan and head organizers Heno Sahakyan and Diana Ghabuzyan. The General Assembly followed the Opening Ceremony. Delegates did their best to actively participate in all discussions and to make comments on other’s resolutions. The resolutions were a great success, due to the inspiring chair team which consisted of Levon Tadevosyan, Anahit Martirosyan, Aram Khanlari, Gohar Gasparyan, Erik Ananyan, Davit Manukyan, Anush Dilanyan, and Arpen Matinyan, who all worked very hard with their committees to produce such amazing results. The interesting part about the chairs team is that they were all delegates at ESS 2015. After the fiery debates came the saddest part of the forum, the closing ceremony. Everyone was deeply saddened by the organisers’ emotional speech. All events of the day were held in National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

At the end of the forum, a few lucky delegates were voted for, and got selected to participate in the upcoming International Forum in Yerevan (IEFA 2016) , and others to participate in an International Session in France (RISE 2016). The delegates chosen to participate in IEFA are Anita Grigoryan, Maneh Hambardzumyan, and Hayk Kirakosyan. Those chosen to participate in RISE 2016 are Zarina Stepanyan, Sergey Kumalov, and Arpine 13179290_1284374861591880_7606177506966404729_nAghababyan.


As the forum has already finished, we talked with the participants of the forum to know about their thoughts and feelings about the forum. They told us about some of the most memorable parts of the forum and shared their expectations about it.


“ESS was full of memorable moments starting from funny and sometimes puzzling team-building games up to the interesting debates during the General Assembly, not even mentioning the show of the brightest talents of ESS (the songs in Korean and the song of TRAN are among my absolute favorites). And among 13310473_1302803533082346_658795376458339474_nthose memorable moments I`d like to mention the following. During the teambuilding one of the groups led by chairs Levon and Erik was asked to go and hug the nearby trees in the park, and the enthusiasm of delegates and their eagerness to do this was indeed one of those unforgettable moments, and to be honest, was quite unexpected for me. This we can call the magical power of teambuilding (Hope there are some photos kept).”


                               Rima Sargsyan (president)


“It’s really hard to remember anything when you are extremely excited and anxious. For me the most memorable things of the session are the enthusiasm of the participants, seeing them happy and smiling. It’s really nice to see that teenagers from your own country are interested in such activities. The best achievement of mine is that they want to get more involved in EYP.”

                    Heno Sahakyan (head organiser)


“The most memorable moment for me was the Talent night, as I performed three times. At first I was very nervous but when I noticed the support and encouragement from my new friends, I felt relieved and everything went even better. I would really like to turn back time and to live those two amazing days again.”

                       So13246284_1291991904163509_4174400579367202824_ona Avagyan (Delegate)


“For a young EYPer with not so long EYP history being chairperson at School Session was great honor. I opened a whole new world for me, understood what really being responsible for your team is and how important is it to create comfortable working atmosphere. After this experience I am more than sure, hard work pays off. As usual team we had our ups and downs but my awesome co-Chair was always there to help, hug and cheer me up when I needed.

There is no such feeling as pride in your committee when you see them grow and develop, speak so confident, defend their points of view and reach to unimaginable heights.”

Anush Dilanyan (Chair)

“I can’t mention all the original and memorable moments from the brightest session, but I want you to know how caring and warm-hearted all of the participants  were. All of us were busy with the preparations for the concert and even the delegates helped backstage.Some were helping with the cleaning the items, the others were warning everyone who was going on the stage next, and some of them were helping organizing chairs. It was a big mess but it was also very fun. Everyone was very caring and helping.”

Angelica Hakobian (Organiser)

Overall, this was an amazing forum, due mostly to the Presidency of the Forum ` Rima Sargsyan, Avnik Melikian, and Areg Badalyan ,the hard working Head Organisers` Diana Ghabuzyan and Heno Sahakyan and lastly the delegates, who are what really made this forum special.


The pictures are prepared by the Media team of ESS forum.


Authors Rozi Mkrtchyan, Albert Petrosyan

Edited and Posted by Diana Ghazaryan

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1st CBA-EYP Armenia Inter-University Forum FIND

Inter-University CBA-EYP Armenia forum on “Financial Innovations for National Development” (FIND) took place on April 15-18, 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia. It gathered 60 students from six universities of Armenia to discuss issues on finance, regional development, internal market and consumer protection, legal affairs and economic affairs. The participating universities included Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia, French University in Armenia, Armenian State University of Economics, Russian-Armenian University and Agribusiness Teaching Center. The forum was funded by the Central Bank of Armenia in the scope of “My financial month” project.

1000633_1278296015533098_7278245623157430532_nThe event was held according to EYP practice. The first day the participants had teambuilding activities in the English Park...

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IEFA 2016 is coming

The preparations of IEFA 2016 are in full swing. The organizers are doing their best to make the event an unforgettable one. The Evaluation Committee is currently working on evaluating the applications in order to select the 200 best-suited delegates. The international delegates are already informed about being accepted and we congratulate all of them for passing this difficult stage.

Here is some information for all current and future IEFA-ers which will help them find the answers for their questions:

  • The call of the Officials is open till May 29. There is a travel reimbursement for officials up to 200 EUR. You can apply here:

  • Information package of the event, where you can find all the inform...
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The craziest Armenian delegation in Estonia

The happiest and most enthusiastic Armenian delegation participated in IV University Forum of EYP Estonia which took place from 7-11 April in Tallinn. Armenian delegation consisted of seven delegates – Nune Hayrapetyan, Mariam Grigoryan, Martun Kirakosian, Maga Amirkhanyan, Diana Partizpanyan, Nelly Harutyunyan, Vahe Shelunts, and one Chairperson – Ripa Hovsepyan. According to our delegation, the forum was one of the best forums they have ever participated in and they enjoyed every second of it. The forum was very well-organised and all delegates were strong and well-prepared. Below you can read an interview with some members of the Armenian delegation.

How was the forum ? (Delegates, topics, officials)

The forum was just superb! Everything was organized very well...

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DECODE International EYP Forum

The Decode International EYP Forum on “Democratic Citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” took place from March 11th to March 15th in breathtaking Dilijan, Armenia. The forum gathered around 120 participants from different European countries. The forum was organized comprising EYP Methodology: opening ceremony, teambuilding activities, committee work, cultural events and General Assembly. The project was funded through the US Department of State Republic Affairs Section grant*.


On the first day the delegates participated in Teambuilding activities and Eurovillage. Teambuilding started with traditional famous game Alele Kitabonga. Everyone enjoyed the games, especially the ones delivered by the president of the forum – Nathan Hunter...

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Call for Delegates for the 2-nd Pan-Regional EYP session”PRESS 2016″

EYP Armenia is happy to open the call for delegates for 2-nd Pan-Regional EYP Session “PRESS“. It is organized in cooperation with World Vision Armenia. The session will be held in Gyumri, from 6-10 May. For the first time, the session’s language will be Armenian.

The aim of the project is to inform the people from regions about the problems that exist inside and outside the country. Also, to create a platform, where they will have the opportunity of sharing their ideas and thoughts about some issues and find solutions for them.

Applicants must be only from these cities of Armenia: Alaverdi, Stepanavan, Gyumri, Amasia, Ijevan, Noyemberyan, Vardenis, Gavar, Chambarak, Talin, Aparan, Kapan, Sisian, Yerevan.

Here is the application form:

For more information...

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Call for Delegates for the 1-st EYP Inter-University Forum “FIND”

EYP Armenia is organizing its 1st EYP Inter-University Forum: Financial Innovations for National Development (#FIND), which will be organized in cooperation with the Central Bank of Armenia in the scope of “My Financial Month” project. On April 15-18 #FIND will gather 100 students from 6 universities of Yerevan to discuss personal finance management matters, customer rights protection and other current issues concerning the lack of financial awareness among population. Hurry up to apply to this big event!
Here is the Application form for delegates:
Application Deadline: 04 April, 23:59 (Armenian Time)
For more information visit the official Facebook page of the event:
Posted by Diana Ghazaryan
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Armenian Delegation has returned from Dublin Belfast International Session of EYP

Very recently, Armenian delegation comprising Iren Stepanyan, Rozi Mkrtchyan, Edward Poghosyan, Erik Ananyan, Naneh Mouradian and Stepahine Gevorgyan participated in  81-st International Session of the EYP in Dublin Belfast. Some of the delagates were chosen as the best delegates during Dilijan Academic EYP Forum “DAEF”. Armenian Delegation has returned from there with great memories and big enthusiasm. The forum was held from 5th to 13th March and gathered nearly 300 participants from different European countries.

While remembering about the forum, they told about lots of funny and weird things that happened with them during the event.IMG_1289

Below you can read an interview with some of the delegates.

Starting from the very begining, how did you go there? Did something interesting happen wit...

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International women’s day: EYP Armenia celebrated it in a unique way

On March 8, 2016, members and alumni of EYP Armenia celebrated International Women’s day by riding bikes on the Yerevan streets and giving flowers, greeting cards and, of course, their smiles to the strangers.

It’s already the third year that EYP Armenia celebrates it in this way. Not everyone was able to ride the bike, and this became an opportunity for them to learn it. As some of the members were afraid to do it, they just walked with the others on the streets.


Starting from the Mashtots Avenue, they have been on Republic Square, Northern Avenue, Opera and ended their trip in Cascade.

Laugh, fun, smiles – this is how the EYP Armenia team celebrated an International Women’s Day.


Special thanks to “My Bike” for providing us with bikes.


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Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (#DAEF2015) is Now a Reality

Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (DAEF) on «The Eastern Partnership and EU: on the way to a deeper integration» (DAEF) , under the motto «Initiate. Debate. Empower. Advocate. Leverage» (I.D.E.A.L.) Dilijan Academic EYP Forum (#DAEF) was a forum by the European Youth Parliament – Armenia (#EYPArmenia) taking place October 8 – 14 in the beautiful city of Dilijan. 120 participants from 20 countries of Europe got together in this small, yet historically rich city to discuss the respective topic of EU-Armenia further integration in 6 committees of Foreign Affairs, Legal Affairs, Economic & Monetary Affairs, Civil Liberties, Environment & Public Health. Resolutions Booklet can be found here: Resolution-booklet_DAEF

12132440_1153055721390462_8092644339431418784_oThe Academic Forum was organized with the support of German Federal Foreign Offic...

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