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Amalya Kamalyan was a Delegate in HIBER 2015

Amalya Kamalyan studied Political Science at Yerevan State Linguistic University. Her very first steps into EYP Armenia started with IEFA 2014- International EYP Forum in Armenia. Afterwards, she was accepted as a delegate for the First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) where she appeared to become one of the best delegates due to her active engagement and outstanding performance throughout the session. Her success to become a best delegate in PRESS was converted into a new opportunity to become part of the Armenian Delegation in the 4th International Forum of EYP Spain in Zaragoza (HIBER 2015). interviewed Amalya to share her experience and memories during HIBER 2015.

11874132_876579945728591_200263887_nAmalya, tell about your experience in HIBER 2015?  How was it to be a delegate in the International Forum? ...

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IEFA 2015: 2nd International EYP Forum of Armenia

“Seven unforgettable days are now behind with the memories that will last forever and will put a big smile on your faces every time you recall those. Now you have entered EYP Family, a place where you will always be appreciated for who and what you are. Welcome to our amazing family and let your unforgettable journey begin.”

-Hovsep Patvakanyan

On May 21st -28th, almost 250 delegates from 52 countries of 5 conitinents gathered in one of the most beautiful and ancient  cities of the world- Yerevan for 2nd International EYP Forum (IEFA 2015).The seven-day program was comprised of Teambuilding Activites, Committee Work, General Assembly, Eurovillage, Euroconcert...

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Armine Khamoyan’s EYP Journey from Delegate to Vice-President

Armine Khamoyan is one of the brightest Alumni of EYP Armenia. She always stands out with her uniqueness and great willingness for taking the initiative. Armine travels a lot in the scope of European Youth Parliament events. Thus, she is not only a devoted member of EYP Armenia, but overall the EYP.


Armine had the honor to be Vice-President of Sevilla 2015 – 10th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, which took place on 8-12 April, 2015. This was Armine’s first experience in the role of Vice-President and she shared her excitement and thoughts with
  –ArmineIt was not only my first time vice-presiding, it was also my first NSC abroad, and my first time in Spain. So words cannot describe how excited I was...
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Amalya Kamalyan and Arman Asryan- the Best Delegates of the PRESS.

Amalya Kamalyan from the Aragatsotn region and Arman Asryan from Syunik region were recognized as the best regional delegates in the scope of the First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) on“Activating Regional Youth via Challenging Unemployment” (#PRESS), which took place on 17-20th April, 2015 in Dilijan, Armenia. 

ArmanAfter the General Assembly, all the delegates were given the chance to vote for the most enthusiastic and active delegate. So, in the result of the voting Amalya and Arman  won the sympathy of all PRESSers due to their active engagement, as well as smart and thorough responses and opinions during the event.

Amalya Kamalyan and Arman Asryan, as best delegates got a chance to represent Armenia in Spain, Zaragoza on July. World Vision Armenia and EYP Armenia will financial...

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PRESS: 1st Pan Regional EYP Session

The First Pan Regional EYP Session (PRESS) on “Activating Regional Youth via Challenging Unemployment” (#PRESS) took place on 17-20th April, 2015 in Dilijan, Armenia. Around 80 delegates from 14 cities of Armenia gathered in Dilijan to brainstorm and discuss diverse topics in their respective committees, challenge each other and themselves, get to know various perspectives and see matters a bit differently.


PRESS comprised Teambuilding Activities, Arm Village, Committee Works ,Talent Night, General Assembly, etc...

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EYP Armenia member receives presidential award 2014

Every year the president of Armenia awards 20 prizes to the 20 best pupils from the top 5 schools in Armenia.

These pupils are chosen on the basis of their academic performance and an interview to assess general knowledge and personality.

EYP Armenia member Gor Piliposyan was one of the two presidential prize awardees from “Quantum” college. 

A little bit of history

“As the other pupils I was also told to be in Synopsis Armenia where the interview was to be held. A month later after the interview I had a phone call from Quantum and was told that I was one of the winners”,- said Gor in an interview to

I wish the voice of EYP-ers to be heard in the European Parliament

“I believe that EYP Armenia membership will give me an opportunity to express my opinions on different po...

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EYP Armenia member wins in “No Hate Speech” photo contest

Annually the Council of Europe with a youth campaign “No Hate Speech” movement organize a photo competition for European countries. This year the contest subject was “Against islamophobia and religious intolerance”.  EYP Armenia member Vahan Kirakosyan is the winner of this year’s contest and will leave for Strasbourg to receive the award in December. interview with Vahan Kirakosyan.

“A month ago a good friend of mine told me about this photo competition but, well, at first the subject seemed extremely strange. As I am a real Christian and proud of it, it was a huge problem for me, for an Armenian photographer, to create a picture with that kind of message...

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This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums are admitted to universities abroad

As you know study abroad is a crucial part of a well-rounded  education.

Every year many EYP Armenia Alums get admitted to universities abroad. is happy to introduce the list of EYP Armenia Alums who will start their studies abroad this academic year.

Meyroyan Mariam (IEFA) – UDEL/ Sophia Antipolis/ France

Albert Hayrapetyan (2nd NSC) – CERGE-EI, Carlov university of Prague

Alaverdyan David (2nd NSC, IEFA) – Szent Istvan university, Budapest, Hungary

Avetisyan Hakob (IEFA) – Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Robert Tsaturyan (Women’s Empowerment in Armenia, 2nd NSC) – Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Grigoryan Anna (EYP AmAr) – Edinburgh University, United Kingdom

Karapetyan Hasmik (EYP BuS, IEFA) – University for Foreigners of Perugia, Perugia...

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EYP Armenia Alumnus Sos Avetisyan will study in Oxford university

This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums will continue their education in universities abroad.  talked with Sos Avetisyan, who will study MS in Russian and East European Studies in  Oxford University.

-Sos, congratulations!!! Why did you decide to choose Oxford and what is the main advantage of being accepted to a world known university?

-Thank you! Oxford provides world class training on Eurasian studies, good old traditions, very high standards education, modern facilities. The main advantage of being accepted to a world class university is that it gives the opportunity to gain the most up to date education and also networking.

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-I am afraid I don’t plan in 5 years, so 5 days is more that sufficient (laughing).

sos3– How long have...

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Biggest EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering of summer 2014 took place in Artsakh

Biggest EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering of summer 2014 took place on July 26-28 in the Republic of Artsakh and gathered EYP Alumni from Armenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Austria.

In the scope of the gathering participants visited Natural Wonders of Umbrellas, Stepanakert, Shushi, Rocky Lion, Churches of Gandzasar and Ghazanchetsots, Persian mosque, Jdrduz, Patara waterfalls and many more.

The Gathering was full of jokes and laughter, no sleep, playing guitar, making a bonfire and singing Armenian songs. These were simply unforgettable memories.

10504820_884989834863720_8435567531405183790_oMoreover, the holiday of Vardavar (an Armenian holiday during which people pour each other with water and wish Happy Vardavar) was celebrated at the Patara Waterfalls in the scope of the EYP Armenia Alumni Gathering.


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