DECODE International EYP Forum

The Decode International EYP Forum on “Democratic Citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” took place from March 11th to March 15th in breathtaking Dilijan, Armenia. The forum gathered around 120 participants from different European countries. The forum was organized comprising EYP Methodology: opening ceremony, teambuilding activities, committee work, cultural events and General Assembly. The project was funded through the US Department of State Republic Affairs Section grant*.


On the first day the delegates participated in Teambuilding activities and Eurovillage. Teambuilding started with traditional famous game Alele Kitabonga. Everyone enjoyed the games, especially the ones delivered by the president of the forum – Nathan Hunter. The chairs team developed different entertaining games for the delegates, and teambuilding passed with high emotions and laughs. Then, Eurovillage came with a lot of different national foods and drinks and traditional items. All delegates were hurried from one country table to another to taste all the food presented by the representatives of different countries. The day ended with the evening celebration where everyone showed their national dances and taught them to others.



Opening ceremony took place at the Central Bank of Armenia in Dillijan. It was attended by H.E. Mr. Piotr Antoni Świtalski, Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Armenia; Diana Sitt, Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Armenia; Arman Santrosyan, Mayor of Dilijan; Hovsep Patvakanyan, Founder, Governing Board Member of EYP Armenia.

Afterwards the participants of the forum dived into Committee Work where both chairs and delegates worked hard to succeed in their resolutions. There were six committees: Culture and Education (CULT), Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL), Development (DEVE), Regional Affairs (REGI), Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), and Legal Affairs (JURI). All topics were well developed and presented by the Presidency (Nathan Hunter (P), Nune Hayrapetyan (VP), Halyna Virt (VP)) and the Chairs team which comprised of Emma Makaryan, Bella Vasilyan, Inessa Manukyan, Daniil Lubkin, Ripa Hovsepyan and Rozalina Monjian.

The last day was the most important day for everyone – General Assembly day. All delegates were very well prepared not only on their topics, but other commitee’s topics as well. Everyone showed great enthusiasm and profound knowledge during the General Assembly. As a result of their active participation during the overall forum, Aram Hakobyan and Susanna Avagyan were recognised as best delegates and will represent EYP Armenia at 82nd International Session of the EYP in Rennes, France this summer.

The forum was one of the best organized forums and for this we want to thank the great head organizers of the event Rima Sargsyan, Lilit Gizhlaryan, Eva Karapetyan and Minas Shahinian and their organizing team for their hard work and dedication to success.

The enthusiasm of the delegates after the forum was a proof of the impact the forum left on all its participants. After the forum, everyone found their own way to battle the Post-EYP-Depression, famously known as PED.

. HovoShushan





DECODE journalists Alexander Yeghiazaryan, Alisa Petrova and designer Nune Khachatryan made a journal of the forum which you can find here:

Here is the video made by the Media team of the forum.


We would like to thank the sponsors of the forum, for helping us to create this event:

– Municipality of Dilijan

– Dilijan Training and Research Center of the Central Bank of Armenia

– “Knowledge for Development” Center of the Central Bank of Armenia

– Dilijan Central School

*This project was funded through the US Department of State Public Affairs Section grant, and the opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the Author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.

The pictures are made by the Media team of DECODE session.

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