EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has received Awesome Foundation grant for “Guerrilla Gardening”.

EYP Armenia Alumnus Raffi Elliott has won in the July edition of Awesome Foundation with a project called “Guerrilla Gardening”.
Eyparmenia.org represents Raffi’s thoughts about the funded project and EYP Armenia.
  “For years I have noticed how most of Armenia’s public spaces are badly maintained, or even when the municipality finally gets around to fix them, this is undertaken without any real urban planning or anything and ends up looking ugly. I decided that there is no hope in waiting for the government to take care of our public spaces and it’s up to us to do so.
raffi1 I teamed up with a team of landscape architects, and we are planning to find a small public space to renovate ourselves, without permission, in the cover of darkness, so that the citizens could wake up to find themselves living in a nice environment.

We will implement the idea on at least one park as a pilot project and see what kind of feedback we get, then we will try to do more.

raffi7Instead of getting surprised at how dirty our environment is, we need to learn to protect it.

The best way for us to protect the environment is to understand that our actions have consequences.

I mean when we throw trash on the floor, it won’t magically disappear. So instead of getting surprised at how dirty our environment is, we need to learn to protect it.

You’re young, Take risks, Get Results!

raffi 10I have been with EYP Armenia for over 1 year. EYP is a chance for me to meet fellow compatriots who share some of the fundamental civic, democratic, European and patriotic values which I believe in.

To all EYP-ers I would wish for them to understand that they are young, and capable of doing anything they want, so they should not wait for government structures to take care of them. You’re young, Take risks, Get Results, be proud of your contribution hippies”!!!

Raffi Elliott was interviewed by Narine Daneghyan

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