EYP Armenia Member Marie Sargsyan Participitated in ROTA’s Annual International Youth Conference on Leadership in Qatar.

EYP Armenia Alumni and Members always differ with their uniqueness and individuality. They show how active and engaged they are in academic sessions and conferences. A vivid example of this fact is one of our brightest representatives, Marie Sargsyan who is considered as a member and alumnus of EYP Armenia. Marie was selected as one of the international participants for Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) Annual International Youth Conference on Leadership, Service Learning and Global Citizenship Empower 2015. What makes us feel proud for Marie is that she was the only representative from Armenia and Caucasus.


ROTA a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), organized the annual EMPOWER youth summit as part of a long-standing commitment to building strong, sustainable communities in Qatar and the region. EMPOWER 2015 was aimed to attract up to 450 young people between the ages of 17-26 including international participants. The main aim of the 3 days conference was to raise awareness and knowledge as well as build the capacities required to enable young people to take leadership roles in addressing local and international developmental issues of concern to them especially in the area Peaceful Societies, as the theme for this year’s EMPOWER conference.

The three days event included a combination of seminar panel discussions, keynote speeches, small group workshops, seminars, off-site activities, exhibitions and youth artistic expression.



Marie shared with us her unbelievable experience in Qatar. Marie was the only participant form Armenia and Caucasus in ROTA’s Annual International Youth Conference on Leadership, Service Learning and Global Citizenship Empower 2015.

-Marie how it felt to be the only representative from Armenia and Caucuses?

Well, I found out I was the only one from the region only after I got to Doha. I think it was really challenging and very responsible at the same time. For some of the participants, I was the first Armenian they have ever met.

– What challenges did you face? How did your EYP experience contribute to your work?

EYP experience taught me to embrace the cultural diversity and differences, and that’s what helped me most in the culture so different from ours.


-Was there something that really surprised you in your journey to Qatar?

On the very first day of the conference, we were taken to an Armenian Lebanese restaurant called “Mamig”. That was really surprising and at the same time heartwarming seeing the staff in Armenian national dressing, Armenian speaking staff and tasty Armenian food.


– Tell a little bit about your impressions from Qatar.

Qatar is completely different from our reality. All white beautiful Arab style buildings and houses, hospitable people, tasty food and extremely hot climate.


Marie Sargsyan was interviewed by Inessa Manukyan

Article was made by Diana Ghabuzyan and Inessa Manukyan

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