EYP Armenia member wins in “No Hate Speech” photo contest

Annually the Council of Europe with a youth campaign “No Hate Speech” movement organize a photo competition for European countries. This year the contest subject was “Against islamophobia and religious intolerance”.  EYP Armenia member Vahan Kirakosyan is the winner of this year’s contest and will leave for Strasbourg to receive the award in December.

Eyparmenia.org interview with Vahan Kirakosyan.

“A month ago a good friend of mine told me about this photo competition but, well, at first the subject seemed extremely strange. As I am a real Christian and proud of it, it was a huge problem for me, for an Armenian photographer, to create a picture with that kind of message. In any case, I decided to come up with my idea through a picture…After a while they were glad to announce the winners of the No Hate Speech movement photo competition.


Winner photo by Vahan Kirakosyan

The jury, which consisted of professional photographers, artists, No Hate Speech movement activists and people working for religious tolerance reached their decisions unanimously, and after serious deliberations and discussions I was informed that the first prize was mine!

I was smitten by an indescribable feeling of happiness and excitement not only for me, but for my small country.

Later I was double excited when I knew that one of the 3rd prizes got an Armenian girl Nvard Minasyan, who’s an EYP-er as well.

For now, I got an invitation to take part in a seminar and a prize giving ceremony with an official Council of Europe representative from 8 to 10 December in the European Youth Center Strasbourg.

EYP is a a huge portal full of opportunities 

Some people are to ask “why EYP”? I am to answer – European Youth Parliament because, it’s a huge portal full of opportunities that helps you to think wider, know and explore more.  At first, I’d like to point out, that I love the friendly atmosphere here, love the feeling of being appreciated, and the feeling that your, in this case my best ideas and thoughts as a small part of the Armenian youth can be materialized out of our small Armenia, becoming a part of the world. dan2

Reach your aim, because you have that great opportunity

… Dear EYP-er,  as you’re already a part of this big family, like me, use the chances that are given. Be active, work hard, think creative, ameliorate your country and environment, be a part of an active and creative youth from all over the world… Long story short, reach your aim, because you have that great opportunity.

Vahan Kirakosyan was interviewed by Narine Daneghyan

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