Frequently Asked Questions

Is there age limit for participation in the EYP Armenia Events?

Participants of the EYP Armenia Sessions should fall in the 15-30 age range, nevertheless older people can contribute to the trainings, summits, seminars organized by the EYP Armenia for the young people.

My English/French is not very good, is this a big obstacle for me to be involved in the EYP Sessions?

Absolutely not. EYP is not a language competition. Having an opinion on your topic and being able to express it is of greater importance.

Is EYP Armenia affiliated to any political party in Armenia or the EU?

EYP Armenia has no affiliation or whatsoever to any political party, and is non-partisan and independent educational project that encourages critical thinking and socio-political initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills

EYP is the abbreviation for the European Youth Parliament, does it have any connection to the European Parliament?

The name stems from the fact that all the EYP Sessions follow the procedure, rules and guidelines of the European Parliament. EYP, in addition, has been granted the patronage from Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, as well as from Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Are resolutions adopted in the scope of the EYP Armenia sessions somehow utilized?

Yes. The resolutions adopted in the scope of the EYP Armenia National Selection Conferences, or International Forum are sent to the stakeholders, ministries, various interested institutions, as well as to the International Office of European Youth Parliament in Berlin. Resolutions adopted in the scope of the International EYP Sessions are sent as policy recommendation to the EU Commission and European Parliament.

What is International EYP Session and how can I participate in the latter?

International EYP Session are taking places 3 times a year: spring, autumn, summer. The event gathers around 300 delegates from more than 30 countries of Europe in one of the European Cities for a 10-day-long session. The delegates to the International EYP Spring and Autumn Sessions are determined through the National Selection Conferences (NSC) in each country. On the other hand, International EYP Summer Session is targeted for EYP Alumni, and not obligatorily linked to the NSCs.

What should I do to become an EYP Armenia Alumnus and what priviliges will I get?

To become an EYP Armenia Alumnus, you have to participate in at least 1 EYP Armenia event. Being an Alumnus will enable you to participate in the future EYP projects abroad, Alumni Gatherings, EYP Armenia Board Elections, be a part of the EYP Armenia Board. You can also register on the Online Alumni Platform of EYP and get the access to the database of more than 300 events taking place in different countries where EYP has its representations.

Is EYP Armenia Alumnus equivalent to EYP Armenia Member?

No. Recruitment of the EYP Armenia members is implemented on the annual basis with open call for the membership usually taking place in September of every year, which is not contingent on your participation in an EYP Armenia event. EYP Armenia Members become eligible in participating not only in the EYP Armenia Sessions, but also the trainings of the EYP Academy and are allowed to represent our organization at the non-EYP events organized in different countries.

What are my tasks as EYP Armenia Alumnus or Member?

Work within EYP Armenia is completely voluntary. As a member, you can support us by becoming an organizer, chair or journalist at a session, by becoming a member of the board, by participating in sessions as a delegate or simply by introducing EYP to your friends.

Is working in the EYP Armenia paid, where do you get your funds from?

The work in the EYP Armenia is implemented on the voluntary basis. Our events are mostly supported by the universities in Armenia, EU Delegation to Armenia, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Economy, etc.


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