Happy September 1

August has just ended which means that it’s already September and classes have just begun. For some students its going to be an ordinary university year but for Freshmen this September will be different from others, because they will start a new chapter in their life – full of endless fun, big emotions and hard studies.

Lots of EYP Armenia Alumni have started their freshman year this September as well. Some of them choose to study in Armenian universities while other prefer to continue their studies in foreign universities. We talked with our Alumni and found out that they mainly chose the American University of Armenia, French University in Armenia, Yerevan State University and Yerevan Brusov State University. All EYPers are very excited about their universities and are ready to start this semester.

We talked to some of them and asked how they prepare for the university and what are their expectations. They also talked about how EYP Armenia has helped them and how they see their future engagement with it. Here are their answers:


13612247_993521447428021_3814739113015154179_nGohar Gasparyan

The University of Sheffield, Greece

The university I’m going to is a branch of British Sheffield university which is one of Europe’s 50 best universities. I chose this university because I’m sure that it will be able to give me everything needed for my future: both knowledge and experience.

I’m thinking of becoming an EYP Greece member and continuing my EYP journey. Talking about how EYP helped me I want to say that I wouldn’t be sure that I’d get into this university if I wouldn’t have my EYP experience. In the modern world to get into a university one must have not only good grades but also have something special about him/her. And believe me being an EYP alumnus is special.


10330342_1721322764758140_2416988083968902817_nHakob Petrosyan

Russian-Armenian Slavonic University

I’m impatiently waiting for September.  Counting this as the first step to my new life and being an active personality, I do want to meet more and more enthusiastic and motivated personalities, to share the common things and what’s the most important- discover the new, the real life.I chose the faculty of International Relations. I always wanted to learn as many languages as I could, so choosing this faculty I would now study some law, get into the political side of the countries and start to learn two  more languages- one European and one Asian.  Finalizing  I can say “3 lovely hobbies, now professions,  in 1 faculty”.

Before I started my EYP experience, I was a boy, who was afraid of taking risks, afraid of being wrong, making mistakes. I knew it was wrong, but I had that type of character.  When I participated in my first EYP forum (DECODE RS, by the way), it helped me to understand that there’s not anything bad if you make a mistake. It’s more than normal.  Even reaching your goal needs some mistakes before achieving success. That’s why I’m more than sure I will be applying to new EYP forums, though, I want to try me as an organizing team member or even a chair, if there will be a lucky chance. Thus, EYP helped and continues to help even during the times, when you face some problems.



Arpen Matinyan

American University of Armenia

It has been almost 3 years I am waiting for this day to come and finally it is just right there. Now I remember the days, that I suffered for my entrance exams and I believe they were worth it. This year I had one of the best summers in my life, I spent it with my family and friends and recovered all my energy for the new academic year. I completed all the admission procedures and I’m ready for my classes to begin. I chose the profession of a computer programmer and hope that very soon I’ll become a qualified specialist. EYP gave me some very important skills that are useful during my everyday life. Besides the academic and political knowledge that I gained, I also learnt to communicate with different types of people, listen to their opinion on every issue and be able to respect their viewpoints. I think this is very important, because in the university a lot is going to be changed for me and flexibility will help me to overcome some problems. Yet my journey in EYP Armenia is not over. I plan to apply as a chairperson to upcoming forums, because I really feel, that I need to share with others, what I already know and of course learn more.


12993352_599246940240487_2380578645514418985_nRosa Tadevosyan

Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences

I am going to live in Yerevan for 4 years and I am collecting my stuff  and all the things I will need in Yerevan and will need at the university . I am ready to change my environment , live away from my hometown and make new friends with a lot of people from other regions of Armenia , and I realize that this is a great change and  I am going to do my very best at the university.I chose Translation of English and Armenian languages and I am going to learn other languages as well . I chose this profession , because discovering new things is really great , Like , you discover and learn a lot through a language , you learn culture.

I can say that EYP session that I was involvedin  has helped me to be much more  sure about choosing my profession , because I just understood that knowing a foreign language and communicating with different people  are great . I am going to participate in EYP sessions not only in Armenia but abroad as well , so my profession will be a useful bridge between me , EYP and  foreign delegates.

EYP Armenia team congratulates everyone on this special day. We wish you a successful academic year, live up to expectations and beyond.

 Pictures are taken from their personal galleries.

Interviewed and Posted by Diana Ghazaryan


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