The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique forum designed to actively engage young people in strengthening of the civil society. The EYP represents a non-partisan and independent educational project which is tailored entirely to the needs of the young European citizen. EYP Armenia was given a full membership in the European Youth Parliament on December 14, 2012. Since then, 18 projects have been implemented which involved around 3000 young people, hosted 400 foreign students from 68 countries of 5 continents, 45 volunteers from Armenia, Georgia, Sweden, Romania, Austria

What makes EYP Armenia so special? It’s a vision of a better youth, employed, aspiring, daring. It’s an idea of stronger civil society that brings forward challenges and is not afraid to raise the voice. It’s a belief that we are the change imposers and are the driving force of the development. It’s the ability to break the stereotype that one can’t be smart and have fun at the same, instill in young people the notion that their ideas do have values and matter as much as others’ views, help them walk over their fears to speak up and share what they are best at, and with this all bring a breath of fresh air in the non-formal education sector in Armenia.


EYP Armenia Team