IEFA 2015: 2nd International EYP Forum of Armenia

“Seven unforgettable days are now behind with the memories that will last forever and will put a big smile on your faces every time you recall those. Now you have entered EYP Family, a place where you will always be appreciated for who and what you are. Welcome to our amazing family and let your unforgettable journey begin.”

-Hovsep Patvakanyan

On May 21st -28th, almost 250 delegates from 52 countries of 5 conitinents gathered in one of the most beautiful and ancient  cities of the world- Yerevan for 2nd International EYP Forum (IEFA 2015).The seven-day program was comprised of Teambuilding Activites, Committee Work, General Assembly, Eurovillage, Euroconcert.  During the forum the delegates were allocated respectively in 10 committees to discuss various topics on “Developing Citizenship: Obtaining, Developing, Empowering”.(DECODE)


IEFA 2015 started with the  Opening Ceremony which took place in Yerevan Municipality. During the Opening Ceremony inspiring speeches were given by the Head Organizers of IEFA 2015, Ms. NanehHovanessian & Mr. Karen Melkomyan, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Mr. Vahe Nikoyan, Co-Founder and President of European Youth Parliament Armenia Hovsep Patvakanyan, Co-Founder of European Youth Parliement Armenia Mrs. Suzanna Shamakhyan and President of IEFA 2015 Mr. Rabih Altair.

10502056_1069231029772932_4002960438082701395_nA range of impressive and motivational speeches was followed by not less interesting panel discussion on the main topic of the forum: «Democratic Citizenship Development in Armenia and Europe». Representatives from various institutions took part in the discussion by presenting their views on the matters related to the Democratic Citizenship developments. Among the participants were the following prominent speakers:
Mr. Matthew Kwasiborski, Director of  American Institute for Political and Economic Systems (AIPES)
Mr. Andrzej Didenko, Political Officer at EU Delegation to Armenia Mr. Varazdat Sargsyan, Advocacy Programme Manager at World Vision Armenia
Mr. Suren Manukyan, Deputy Director of Armenian Genocide Museum – Institute
Mr. Edmon Marukyan, Member of the Parliament of Republic of Armenia

11209491_1069231719772863_5122691681623953643_nRight after the opening ceremony, the Teambuilding took place in English Park of Yerevan – one of the most entertaining and funny events of EYP forums. Within teambuilding the participants were divided into different groups according to their committees and played a lot of problem solving, trust and physical games. One of the highlights during the teambuilding activities is the Ale – Le – Kitabonga game, which makes everyone repeat very strange moves and sounds. Teambuilding has an essential role in creating a friendly environment for the delegates and chairs. It helps everyone to learn working in groups, solving complicated tasks and respecting each other. In this way, a group of strangers is turning into a small family.

After funny and energetic physical activities durin11392836_1069232189772816_1334488331992914335_ng the Teambuilding, in Mirzoyan Library took place our next fascinating and the tastiest event, Eurovillage. 52 countries represented their national food, brochures, costumes , small gifts and drinks. . One of the best and exciting tables was the Mexican one filled with nice snacks and tequila. Bosnia and Herzegovina came with traditional cookies, Sweden with some typical snacks, St. Kitts&Nevis with a great amount of souvenirs. One of the most impressive attributes during EuroVillage is the representation of Armenian culture and Armenian table. Specifically, “Kenats Anush” (Cheers in Armenian): it should be implemented with 2 groups of people being on 2 sides – 1 is saying out loud “Kenats” (for life) and the 2nd is responding “Anush” (let it go smooth), and then it’s reversed for 3 times. The typical Armenian way of drinking always goes with the snack called aghandz, which is mix of roasted weed and beans of cannabis. It is legal in Armenia with no harm to health and is always becoming the favorite thing for all foreigners.


After all the fun and activities, Committee Works started during which the delegates started to elaborate the Resolutions.

The Resolutions Booklet can be found here: IEFA 2015 – Resolution Booklet

In the scope of IEFA 7 Armenian Delegates were recognized the best and will represent us at Leipzig 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament.


The Second International Forum of European Youth Parliament in Armenia was dedicated to strenghten the role of the youth and to prepare a generation of thinkers. IEFA 2015, which lasted 7 days, gave a very special platform to the youth and also a place where pioneers of new ideas and innovations meet. The Second International Forum of European Youth Parliament in Armenia was dedicated to strenghten the role of the youth and to prepare a generation of thinkers. IEFA 2015, which lasted 7 days, gave a very special platform to the youth and also a place where pioneers of new ideas and innovations meet. Now , The forum of exchanging ideas and thoughts is already in the past.

EYP Armenia would like to thank the main sponsors of IEFA 2015, European Union Delegation to Armenia and World Vision Armenia, also all the sponsors: ArmAs, Yerevan Municipality, Outdoor Effect, Elite Plaza Business Center, IPSCCivilNet, Youth Opportunities, UNICEF, ArsmScoop, Dilmah.

Special thanks to all the organizers, supervisors, to our incredible Board, Media and Chairs’ Team, President and Vice Presidents for their amazing work.

The Video prepared by the Media Team of the Forum can be found below:

The copyright for the photos and videos belongs to the Media Team of EYP Armenia.

Edited and Posted by Inessa Manukyan

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