BASES: IEFA 2016 International EYP Forum in Armenia

The biggest EYP Armenia event of this summer IEFA 2016  took place from 3rd to 9th of July in the heart of Armenia – Yerevan. It gathered around 200 unique participants from 30 European countries. The forum was organized comprising EYP Methodology: opening ceremony, teambuilding activities, committee work, cultural events and General Assembly. It was organised with the support of the European Youth Parliament in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office within the framework of BASES (Building a Strong European Society) project.


IEFA 2016 started with teambuilding activites  in one of the lovely parks of Yerevan – in Tumo park. It was theTAS_2425
wettest teambuilding in EYP history. This time the delegates had very unique teambuiling becuase that day was the day of Armenian famous Festival “Vardavar”(Vardavar is an Armenian festival where people of social groups drench each other with water). Besides playing various EYP games provided by the Presidency and Chair’s team, the delegates enjoyed the Vardavar Festival; some of the European delegates even thought about taking this Festival to their home countries. The wet and funny teambuilding day ended with another cool event Eurovillage which took place in Safran Restaurant. All tables were full of tasty food and drinks, images and national items. Delegates were hurried from one country table to another to taste all the food presented by the representatives of different countries.


13620803_1330054257023940_1531462230631498040_n  The second day of the forum started with the Opening Ceremony    which took place in AGBU Yerevan. Very inspiring and influential speeches were given by the head organisers of the forum Nune Hayrapetyan and Arman Gasparian; co-founders of EYP Armenia Suzanna Shamakhyan and Hovsep Patvakanyan; Executive Director of EYP Armenia Armine Khamoyan; President of IEFA 2016 Rodrigo Vaz; Project Manager at EYP International Office Monika Seidel.



ARG_9581Later the participants of the forum dived into Committee Work where both chairs and delegates worked hard to succeed in their resolutions. There were ten committees: AFCO, ECON, AFET, PECH, DROI, SEDE, JURI, DEVE, LIBE, ENVI. Topics were well developed and presented by the Presidency: Rodrigo Vaz (P), Joanna Lickiewicz (VP), Ashot Khudgaryan (VP) and the Chairs team which comprised of Rozalina Monjian, Riccardo Pagnan, Mariam Kunchuliya, Svetlana Zakaryan, Bella Vasilyan, Vardges Shahmenendyan, Gregor Bauer, Margarita Christodoulidou, Lilit Gizhlaryan, Fania Christodoulides. The venue of the committee work was Avedissian school.


13590490_1327743993921633_5863658313410040732_nIn the evening of the second day participants took part in Euroconcert in famous Arno Babajanyan music hall. Various emotional song and dance performances were prepared by the talented delegates of the forum. Everyone enjoyed the concert and it was a truly remarkable experience.

The great organizers of the forum put their all effort in the success of the forum. Besides all the main activities, they  had organized lots of other interesting activities for the participants such as: watching EURO 2016 football matches, Special Dinners , entertaining Treasure Hunt game in Yerevan Streets, World Café, etc.. We would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication and congratulate them for having very successful event.


The last two days of the forum were the days of General Assembly which was held in Moscow House (Dom Moskvi). Everyone showed great enthusiasm and profound knowledge during the General Assembly. All delegates shined during the General Assembly with their huge knowledge and active participation in ardent debates. The resolution booklet of the forum can be found here: Resolution Booklet (Internet version)



IEFA 2016 was also unique with its huge media coverage, some of which you can find below:

  1. Armenian Public TV H1, TV program “Aravot Luso” from 1:18:30 (in Armenian)
  2. A1+ Tv channel Program
  3. Armnews TV channel, Tv program “First Program” 
  4. Kentron TV, from 29:01 

Hereby we would like to thank the sponsors and partners of the forum, for helping us to create this event:

  • Avedisian School Ավետիսյան դպրոց – aims to create special educational environment for its students based on the best traditions of Armenian schooling and the latest educational technologies.
  • The Loft – a self-development and leisure multi-functional center, which is a crossroad of a unique and new approach, and a dream-reality interception.
  • Armenian Volunteer Corps – offers opportunities for individuals to come to Armenia to perform short or long-term volunteer service in order to participate in the country’s economic and social development.
  •  AGBU Yerevan – The Armenian General Benevolent Union activities are aimed to preserve and promote the Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs.
  • ‪#‎BASES‬ – Building a Strong European Society is a project by the European Youth Parliament in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office. It aims at enhancing dialogue and mutual understanding as well as broadening the cooperation among civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.


Here is the information booklet of the forum:


The pictures are prepared by the Media team of IEFA forum.



Posted and Edited by Diana Ghazaryan

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