I`MPLOYED – Job Interview Simulation Sessions (JISS)-Call for participants


It is our great pleasure to inform you that EYP Armenia announces June 2014 a month of I`MPLOYED – Job Interview Simulation Sessions (JISS)!
Youth employment is the backbone of economic development. Given the high rate of youth unemployment in Armenia and willing to have its contribution to reducing youth unemployment and boosting the entry of qualified youth into the job market, EYP Armenia comes up with this first-in-its-type initiative.

JISS will not be in a format of a training or a workshop where participants are taught how to write a successful CV or how to present oneself in a job interview, but will rather create a platform to get practical skills through the actual simulation of the job interview procedure, where all the registered participants will undertake job interviews by people who have vast experience in the field of application.
The methodology of JISS can be described as follows:

Step 1:

Register for the “I’MPLOYED JISS” here by May 31, 23:59 CET and mention for the job in which field you are applying for:


Step 2: The second you registered for the “I’MPLOYED JISS” you have to send your CV to our e-mail: info@eyparmenia.org. Your CV should be named in the format: CV_Name_Surname.

Step 3: After May 31st you will be contacted by the EYP Communication Officer and invited to the job interview taking place at the EU Center in Yerevan (Mashtots Avenue 43/34, Yerevan, http://eucentre.am/).

Step 4: You come to the job interview on the day and time specified by the Communication Officer having your printed CV with you. The interview will be conducted by the expert in the field for which you have applied.

Step 5: After the job interview you will be given the feedback from the interviewer on whether your dress code was suitable, how well your answers were structured, and make corrections, adjustments right on your CV that you have brought with you.

Outcome: Each participant of “I’MPLOYED JISS” gets a real-life experience on how job interviews take place in reality, how a successful CV should be and through the first-hand experience sharing become more competitive once they enter Armenian job market after graduation

The selected fields, interviewers and companies/organizations they have been affiliated to are:

International Organizations & NGOs – Caterina Duca (UN Association of Sweden, Armenia)

Journalism & Media – Shushan Harutyunyan (Cosmopolitan Armenia, Forbes Armenia)

Business & Economics – Hovsep Patvakanyan (USAID SANAP, Jacobs & Associates)

Legal Affairs – Suzanna Shamakhyan (OSCE, Slavonic University)

Human Rights & International Relations – Tatev Khachatryan (Human Rights Defender`s Office)

IT & Programming – Karapet Gyumjibashyan (Synopsys Armenia)

Environment & Industry – Davit Shindyan (Ministry of Economy, ATMS Solutions)

Hurry Up to register, the places are very limited and “first in – first served” principle will be applied in the selection of the registered participants with priority given to the EYP Armenia Alumni and Members.



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