1st National Selection Conference

1st National Selection Conference by EYP Armenia took place in Yerevan, on June 28-30, 2013 and gathered 100 young people from Armenia, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Austria, Ukraine bto debate in the format of the European Parliament around the topic of “Challenging the crisis: foster innovative approaches”. Among the subtopics of the session  there were: “How can the EU balance its role as an advocate of democracy whilst further pursuing the negotiations for the deeper cooperation agreement and maintaining stable relations with Turkey?”, “How education policies may better address the challenges posed by immigration and internal EU mobility flows?”, etc. The event comprised of team building activities, committee work and the General Assembly. Based on the voting results of the jury and delegates, Nina Kankanyan, Alen Shadunts and Samson Martirostyan (with Areg Kochinyan, Haykuhi Ghazaryan and Avnik Melikian in the reserve list ) were chosen to represent Armenia at the upcoming International European Youth Parliament Session in Tbilisi this October which gathered 300 delegates from all over Europe as well as the EU Parliament members, high representative of the European Commission, etc.

The resolution booklet can be found here.