73rd International EYP Session in Zurich


73rd International EYP Session in Zurich

73rd International EYP Session in Zurich gathered around 300 delegates from more than 30 countries, as well as EU high officials in the scope of the main theme: “Global Europe – Working towards Sustainable Economies”. The intentionally wide scope of the theme allowed the participants to deal with a multitude of acute political questions. In the current context of international crises, Europe must find a way to strengthen the economic region internally whilst maintaining its central political and economic role globally. At the same time a European voice could be conducive to the series of social and political conflicts facing the world today. The delegates had the chance to develop and voice their opinions on these complex issues. Not only they deepened their skills and understanding, they gave Europe’s youth a voice.

Three Sub-elements of Sustainability

Financial sustainability
• New models for state finances: How can further national debt debacles be avoided?
• Are institutions like national debt limits a solution?
• What sort of role should central banks play?

Social sustainability
• How can civil society and the economy provide each other with mutual support?
• Which new approaches for conflict solution between companies and citizens might merit contemplation?
• How can different industrial sectors in Europe contribute to sustainable economic growth?

Environmental sustainability
• What does the future hold for trade in climate certificates and the exchange of tec hnology?
• How should industry and governments collaborate regarding climate objectives?
• How can economic development of newly industrialised countries be combined with environmental sustainability?

Ani Karapetyan, who became the winner of the Essay Competition on “Women’s Empowerment in Armenia” represented Armenia at the Session, and was presented in the Committee on International Trade.

The resolution booklet of the 73rd International EYP Session in Zurich can be found here:

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