74th International EYP Session in Tbilisi


The EYP Armenian Delegation at 74th International EYP Session

74th International EYP Session gathered around 300 delegates from more than 30 countries, as well as EU high officials in Tbilisi. The session focused on on the wider Europe and EU’s relationship with Eastern European and non-EU Member States. Considering the location of the session with Georgia as the hosting country, the main pillar of the event was EU policy towards it neighbors, including Eastern Partnership Countries from the former soviet bloc.The IS took place only a month before the Vilnius Summit for Eastern Partnership Countries that a closer integration of Eastern European states and  joining the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade and Association Agreements. The prospect of the EU integration was very actively discussed within the former soviet bloc countries and taking into account the ongoing Euro crises, the Union’s more active engagement with the neighboring countries could help the latter to prove their capacity to the international community. Delegates discussed the political and economic dimensions of EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and the possibilities of the development of a more politically integrated union. The resolution booklet which is the compilation of the all the resolutions from the respective committees can be found here:


Armenian Delegation was chosen based on the voting results of the 1st National Selection Conference that took place in Yerevan, June 28-30 and comprised Nina Kankanyan, Samson Martirosyan, Areg Kochinyan, Haykuhi Ghazaryan , Avnik Melikian and headed by Hovsep Patvakanyan.

Photos can be found here.