International EYP Forum in Armenia (#IEFA)

iefa LOGO newwThe International EYP Forum in Armenia (#IEFA) on “Democratic Citizenship: obtaining, developing, empowering” took place in Yerevan, May 1-5 and hosted by the American University of Armenia.

200 delegates representing Armenia, Poland, Belarus, Egypt, Congo, Australia, Norway, Lebanon, UAE, India, Germany, France, Romania, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, UK, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Iran, US came together for this 5 day event in Yerevan.

5 amazing days filled with the team building outdoor activities, Cultural Night, Committee Work, Intercultural Theater, City tours, visiting of the ancient monasteries, General Assembly, Euro Concert, “Feel Armenian” photo shooting, visiting Cognac Factory and many, many more activities are now behind.

We are incredibly happy that the Forum has received such a great feedback and would like to thanks all those people, who made this event a reality.

We would also like to thank the supporters of the Forum: European Union in ArmeniaAmerican University of ArmeniaYerevan MallGourmet Dourme, Armenian Chocolates, Ashtarak Kat, Coca Cola, Ararat Hall, Retro Photography.

Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers, to our incredible Board, Media and Chairs’ Team,  for their  amazing work!

The Resolutions Booklet can be found here.

A video of the event prepared by the Media Team.

IEFA Media Team’s Official Newspaper of the Event is here.

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