EYP Armenia’s 3rd Anniversary – EYP Adventure Race

In the scope of EYP Armenia’s 3rd Anniversary our members and alumni took part in the traditional EYP Adventure Race on 19 December.

The participants were divided into several groups and had to fulfill various interesting and challenging task prepared by the moderators. The tasks ranged from dancing or playing in the middle of squares, or finding famous Yerevan attractions with the clues given to them, all in all comprising a crazy adventure.
Having fun and enjoying yet another amazing EYP gathering, bringing in a positive spirit to the city and people around – this is all about EYP Adventure Race as part of EYP Armenia’s 3rd anniversary celebrations.

In the year of 2015, we’ve organized around 30 events and outreached 3410 more people and we are thankful to each and every of you for spreading our main message: “EYP Armenia – Feels Like Home”.