Pan-Regional EYP Session: PRESS 2016

PRESS 2016 took place from May 6th to May 10 in Gyumri in cooperation with Worldvision Armenia 2nd year in a row. Over 80 delegates, gathered from numerous cities of Armenia, took part in the forum. This forum was unique as it is the first forum where the official language was Armenian. But, as is usual with EYP, the forum had teambuilding activities, committee work, Cultural night (imPRESS) to build sustainable teams for the General Assembly debates.




On the first day, with the help of the teambuilding activities, breaks and the Cultural night, delegates built strong bonds before the more challenging parts of the forum. We would like to say thanks to the hard work the chairpersons put into creating a friendly environment amid the committees. Cultural evening was a great platform to demonstrate the various dishes and signify the importance of diversity within the country.


The following day started strong with the opening ceremony featuring speeches by the organizing team of the forum. Then after a short break, delegates started their first day of committee work in two parts. It comprised discussion and working on the problem-solving and planning for the resolution of their respective teams for the General Assembly meeting. It was a very satisfying and productive effort for the delegates as a result of the amazing teambuilding activities. Every success a team has during the General Assembly is correspondent with their committee work. After the aforementioned meetings ImPRESS Cultural Night took place. Cultural night offered an opportunity for the delegates to show their talents; for others it was a passionate and important night. Delegates were given opportunity to show their vocal, dancing, speech and various other performance skills during the night.13239067_1299210796774953_6534215027293384935_n


13239069_1291309130898453_8987463903039594068_nThe third day was a full-on work day, consisting only of committee work. This day was for final preparations for the General Assembly. Committee work is basically a giant bonding experience, this is the time the committee really becomes a family. By working together, delegates get to know each other, recognize each others’ habits, laugh together, and solve problems together. After the forum is finished, the jokes made during committee work are the most memorable parts of the forum.


The last day started with the most important and much anticipated event of the forum, the General Assembly. This13198491_1291313627564670_8940385840426045984_o was the day the committees presented their well-prepared resolutions and gave their informative yet emotional speeches. Resolutions were voted on, success was celebrated, and at last, the forum was over. Here was the sad part, the bidding of goodbyes, but promises were made to meet up again. 80 new awesome alumni joined the giant EYP Armenia family from many regions of Armenia. We would like to thank the head organizers of the forum Nare Shahnazaryan, Diana Ghazaryan, Mika Melikyan and Dawid Arakelyan along with their great organizing team for their hard work and dedication to the forum.


Now that the forum has come to an end, we contacted some of the delegates to activate the PED (post eyp depression) but also asked them to summarize the forum in 5 words using the first letters of the word PRESS. Here are some of the best reponses;



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Media Links:

“” covers about PRESS 2016 in style of both article and video (in Armenian)

“Horizon” TV news program on the Shant TV about PRESS 2016 (15:47-17:46) (in Armenian)

“Early in the morning”live show by Armenian Public TV H1 about PRESS 2016 (1:20:46-1:29:42) (in Armenian)

Here is the video made by the Media Team of the forum:

Authors Albert Petrosyan, Rozi Mkrtchyan

Edited and Posted by Diana Ghazaryan



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