«Project Human». extraordinary real-life stories of ordinary people

Recently a group of young people have undertaken an exciting initiative- «Project Human».

«Project Human» is a book but not an ordinary one. The group collects extraordinary stories of ordinary people- they interview people from different corners of the world who have a story to tell, in a word Human stories.

We have talked with one of the initiators of  «Project Human», EYP Alumnus Karen Melkomyan.


I decided to find ordinary people with extraordinary real-life stories

It was during my last year in high school. We were speaking about our future with teacher. There were nearly fifteen people in the room and I was thinking that I know them all. After the class, when I heard some stories about them I understood that I know nothing about their life. I felt I needed to know more…

I decided to find ordinary people with extraordinary real-life stories and to interview them. So at the beginning the project was to satisfy my interest which was to know life better. I started interviewing my classmates but then understood that it can become an encyclopedia of real-life stories which will be available for everyone to read. And when I met people like me we made up a team…


Our actions are all about humans 

Our team is called “The Human Project” which means that our actions are all about humans. That’s the reason why we decided to name the current project «Project Human». This name came out from long discussions between us. We understood what we want and why there is a need of making such book. We are interviewing people to get real-life extraordinary stories (military or love, parents or friends, etc).


We want to make youngsters feel the life.

The aim is to write a book, where we will present the life itself; both good and bad sides (but mostly the sad sides). This can be an opportunity for young people as we need to read and get more informed about what is going on around us.

Maybe someone is crying because he/she has no car and is angry with parents about that, but when he/she will read that someone has no parents who would buy a car for him/her, but at the same time that person is strong enough to fight for life and buy a car himself/herself, honoring the memory of his/her parents, perhaps the first ones will rethink about the relationship between their parents. We want to make youngsters feel the life.


Our aim is to make «Project Human» an international project

At the beginning we were looking for individuals in Yerevan, but then we decided to make «Project Human» a worldwide project. So it is not being implemented only in Yerevan. We have received stories from every corner of Armenia, Switzerland, England, Artsakh, etc. We hope to enlarge this list of countries and make «Project Human» an international project.

P.S. If you are an ordinary human with an extraordinary real life story, send it to Thehumanprojectinfo@gmail.com or visit Facebook page of the project.

Karen Melkomyan was interviewed by Narine Daneghyan.

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