The Adventures of Diana Ghazaryan in Tampere 2015

Diana Ghazaryan is one of the brightest and sincere Alumni and Members of EYP Armenia. It is already a year she is involved in the activites implemented by EYP Armenia. She is a sophomore at the American University of Armenia. A few days ago Diana returned back from the 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament held between 24.07.-02.08. in Tampere, Finland. We suggest you to read the entire interview of Diana with in order to share her excitement, emotions and enthusiasm for being part of European Youth Parliament.


-Tell about “Tampere 2015”. Was it your first International Session?

-“Tampere 2015” was not only cool, interesting or funny event, but it was a life changing experience, unique memories which will guide us through the whole life.  Everything started very unexpectedly about “Tampere 2015” International Session. Me  and other Armenian delegates decided to go to Finland 1 day earlier, so we could see the beautiful Helsinki as well. For me the first surprise was to meet lots of polite and kind people who were willing to help us every second. On the plane we met a Finnish guy who later became our guide in the city. On the next day we went to Tampere or as we liked to say Tam-tam-tam-Tampere. The first question which delegates asked to each other was: “Where are you from and is this your first IS?”. At first I didn’t understand why it was so important to know which International Session was this and that’s because I didn’t know actually what “IS” was and that it was different from National Sessions. It was funny to go somewhere without knowing where you were.


-My committee was FEMM or the committee of Women rights and Gender equality.  The problems which Armenian women are facing in here and the problems of European women differ too much. The committee work was difficult itself because all nations had their own problems concerning to the topic. However, after lots of interesting and meaningful discussions we succeeded with our resolution. The important thing is that we didn’t end only with our resolution, but we created a huge project which we will continue in our countries. In my committee we were 13 people and all from different countries with different cultures. On the first day of our teambuilding, everybody told about his/her life and shared personal secrets which turned our committee from FEMM into FEMMily. I understand here how smart and interesting is the youth of Europe today. Together we can reach the goals about which we dream all those times.

-Could you please tell about the project you started after Tampere 2015?

-We named our project “Individuals over gender” and it’s aim is to deconstruct gender stereotypes and make every young individual realize their potential. Our committee decided to make photo shoots  in our countries about the theme of gender stereotypes and collect them in the theme of project.


-Tell the most awkward, yet funny memory about Tampere 2015 which you can’t forget.

-Of course funny and awkward moments were the way too much. On the first day, when we  arrived to Helsinki, after long walking tours we decided to visit one of the apartment buildings, to see how people live there. As it was already 11:00pm there was only one gate that was open. We went there walked a little bit, and when we turned back we saw that the gate was closed. Spending there nearly half and an hour we couldn’t find any open door through which we could go back. We started knocking on the random windows, tried to jump the gates but it was too high. The shocking part for me was that there was no single person on the street at that time. After all, screaming lots of times, we found a person from the street, who opened the gates and that become the first and the last yard which we decided to visit.

 -Diana, please tell about your EYP journey. Where did you start it?11853862_953864244676951_1985362382_n

-My first EYP forum was  “Feel AYSOR” which was on November of 2014. Before that I had no idea about EYP or for what it stands for. On the first day of teambuilding I was a little bit messed up, it was so strange to see so many active, funny and smart people doing such strange activities with great pleasure. However, the forum which made a huge impact on my further EYP engagement was not this one, but “First Pan-Regional Session of EYP Armenia: PRESS” where I was an organizer.  Spending 4 days in beautiful Dilijan and recognizing EYP-ers better made me a great fun of it. I like EYP because it gives you opportunity to go further and further. It’s not even a year passed, but I had the opportunity to participate in five sessions and I hope this is just the start.

11855457_953864238010285_1683720763_n-Do you know what I like most in EYP? It’s when you spend your days with the people whom you didn’t even know a week before and they become an important part of your life. Whenever answering on a question saying three words about EYP, it’s always difficult to answer, because I can say only one word about it which is “Life”.

Diana Ghazaryan was interviewed  by Inessa Manukyan

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