This year more than 20 EYP Armenia Alums are admitted to universities abroad

As you know study abroad is a crucial part of a well-rounded  education.

Every year many EYP Armenia Alums get admitted to universities abroad. is happy to introduce the list of EYP Armenia Alums who will start their studies abroad this academic year.

Meyroyan Mariam (IEFA) – UDEL/ Sophia Antipolis/ France

Albert Hayrapetyan (2nd NSC) – CERGE-EI, Carlov university of Prague

Alaverdyan David (2nd NSC, IEFA) – Szent Istvan university, Budapest, Hungary

Avetisyan Hakob (IEFA) – Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Robert Tsaturyan (Women’s Empowerment in Armenia, 2nd NSC) – Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Grigoryan Anna (EYP AmAr) – Edinburgh University, United Kingdom

Karapetyan Hasmik (EYP BuS, IEFA) – University for Foreigners of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

Ghazaryan/Armen (1st NSC) – University of Missouri/Columbia/USA

Harutyunyan Nikolay (2nd NSC) – Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany

Hakobyan Shushanik (2nd NSC) – Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Arevik Hayrapetyan (EYP Summit on Fundraising) – ATEI Thessaloniki, Greece

Sargsyan Razmik (Member of EYP Armenia) – Lund University, Sweden

Shushan Margaryan (EYP BuS, IEFA) – Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

Madatyan Aramayis (2nd NSC) – Estonian School of Diplomacy, Tallinn, Estonia

Avagyan Harutyun (1st, 2nd NSC, EYP BuS) – California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, USA

Sos Avetisyan (2nd NSC, IEFA) – University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Helen Khachatryan (IEPS) – UWC Norway

Seda Bagiryan (2nd NSC, IEFA) – UWC the Netherlands

Lusine Yeghiazaryan (1st NSC, EYP AmAr, IEFA) – UWC Singapoure

Anatoli Chernyaev (2nd NSC, EYP BuS) – UGRAD Exchange Program, USA

Marina Aghbalyan  (EYP BuS) – UGRAD Exchange Program, USA

Siranush Seyranyan (2nd NSC) – DAAD exchange program, Germany

Artyom Avagyan- (IEFA) – Shandong University, China

P.S. EYP Armenia congratulates all admitted students, wishing them a successful academic year in their universities:)

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