Understanding Europe

Understanding Europe: The EU Crash Courses

The EU Crash Course is a series of courses organized by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, aimed at engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and provides a basic understanding of the European Union. The course is organized in the framework of Understanding Europe project, and the following questions are at the core of each course:

        -Why was the EU founded?
The young participants work independently on what motives and conflicts shaped the European Integration process.


        -Who makes EU laws?
Participants of the course get to know the main institutions and competences of the EU and discuss the balance of power within the EU.

       -What possibilities do I have to take part?
Based on course participants’ interests they assess their possibilities of political participation in Europe and develop ideas on how to make their concern heard.
The course also offers young people a space to ask their own questions on European issues in an open and unbiased way. The courses are conducted by young trainers, who undertake annual Training of Trainers organised by the EYP Armenia.
The project is built upon a peer-to-peer approach and voluntary youth participation. Courses take place directly in schools. Young trainers collaborate with pupils of similar age based on a spirit of partnership and mutual understanding. The peer-to-peer-relationship provides the floor to express fears and criticism openly. Participants go through individual and peer-to-peer discussion on current issues faced by the European Union.
In 2015 EYP Armenia organised 7 courses engaging 130 young people from 7 different schools of Armenia, using English as the language of training. This year EYP Armenia will organise even more crash courses in other parts of the country, and engage more than 200 young people from the regions of Armenia, including Yerevan. It is worth to mention that courses will be held both in English and Armenian, based on the needs of the participants. Interested schools are welcome to contact the Core Team of Understanding Europe project in Armenia for potential co-operation.