YESS 2016: Yerevan School Session

Yerevan School Session, took place from 21st to 23rd of October in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 50 outstanding high school students from around 5 different schools of Yerevan gathered together. They were brought together to brainstorm, research, discuss, find and formulate the solutions on the various topics. Even though the duration of the session was not long, every point of EYP methodology was preserved: Teambuilding Activities, the Opening Ceremony,  Committee Work, General Assembly and Cultural Event.14890584_1441110182585013_3930173923476470818_o

On the first day, the delegates started their integration in the forum by participating in the team building activities in one of the nicest parks of Yerevan – Tumo park. All participants enjoyed the various games, provided by the Chairs’ team and Presidency. The games and different activities were organized to help the participants to know each member of their committee along with the chairperson. The entire process was very productive, full of laughs and smiles.

The second day of YESS started off with the Opening Ceremony, which took place in the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. The speeches were delivered by the head organizers of the forum: Levon Tadevosyan and Anush Dilanyan, Executive Director of EYP Armenia Armine  Khamoyan, the Vice President of EYP Armenia Arman Gasparyan,and the President of the Forum Ripa Hovsepyan.The guest speakers were Dr. Sergey Tantushyan, the Head of AUA Extension course, and Vahan Kerobyan, the founder of They delivered very influential, motivational and interesting speeches for the participants.

The opening ceremony was proceeded by the Committee Work, which took place in  the American University of Armenia. Topics were developed and presented by the Presidency: Ripa Hovsepyan (P),Erik Ananyan(VP), Vardges Shahmenendyan (VP) and the Chairs’ team: Gevorg Hayrapetyan, David Eloyan, Giorgi Khachaturov, Gor Varosyan and Talin Saghdasaryan. All delegates of the 5 committees along with their chairpersons worked very hard on their resolutions, therefore the final result was a huge success, which led to the success of the forum itself.


The last day of the forum was the day of the General Assembly, which was held in the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. The delegates showed a lot of enthusiasm and made enormous efforts in defending their resolutions, as well as questioning and commenting on the others. The General Assembly was followed by the Closing Ceremony, which was very sad, since it meant that YESS was officially closed.

14939446_1441112645918100_1600027439519851950_oThe Euroconcert was held in the evening of the same day. The delegates and organizers showed their incredible talents in singing and playing various musical instruments. The Euroconcert came to its end only after a dance, which was performed by every single participant of YESS. The Forum was, undoubtedly, unforgettable and unique experience for everybody.
We congratulate everyone for the success of the forum. During the forum several delegates became the best ones and received an opportunity to participate in another EYP Armenia event in Spring. We want to thank two incredible head organizers Levon Tadevosyan and Anush Dilanyan along with their organizing team, for their huge work and dedication.

Keep the EYP spirit, the more is yet to come!

Pictures are prepared by the Media Team of the forum

Edited and Posted by Diana Ghazaryan

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